Turn your dilapidated existing roof for a brand new tiled replacement

There is nothing worse than an unused conservatory, especially if you and your family could really benefit from the extra space. Fortunately, we have the means to convert your existing extension into a renovated environment with a brand new tiled roof replacement to give your glazed extension the new lease of life it desperately needs – its solid design that helps make your conservatory or orangery loved again.

realROOF solid roof orangery realROOF solid roof orangery
Ultraframe A380 Ultraframe A380
Ultraframe A380 Ultraframe A380

More affordable than building a full-scale orangery from the ground up but easily able of delivering the same result, swapping out your glazed or polycarbonate roof for a tiled option instantly makes your extension feel like a more natural part of the house.

The pinnacle of thermal efficiency that’s also a worthwhile investment

Opting for a high performance tiled roof has been proven to be a worthwhile roof replacement. They have the lowest cost compared to any other roof option in terms of their life cycle, with tile roofs that were installed hundreds of years ago still enduring today.

If ever you find that your current conservatory or orangery regularly suffers from annoying draughts or cold spots, more often than not a simple roof replacement can bring optimal thermal efficiency back into your extended living space. Enhance the thermal performance to give yourself a room that can be used 365 days a year rather than just the spring or summer

Lean to

Conservatory LivinROOF

  • Fully customisable solid roof alternative capable of being fitted to any sized roof
  • Urban Grey external colour – complimentary for any housing style
  • Increased privacy – particularly beneficial if you live in a semi-detached house or close to neighbours
  • Personalise the solid roof sections with lights and speakers
  • Capable of incorporating the Classic Cornice, a stylish design that hides guttering


Conservatory UltraROOF 380

  • Lightweight tiled roofing system that can accommodate multiple glass panels
  • Three tile colour options: Carbon Grey, Harvest Brown and Terra Brick
  • Beautiful vaulted plastered ceiling interior
  • Can be formed into any shape or roof style
  • Premanufactured design to ensure a high quality finish
  • Choice of tile or aluminium ridge capping for increased design choice

Create a comfortable new living space with our tiled roof styles

Each Oakley tiled roof takes thermal insulation to a new level. You choose how much of the roof is covered and how much is glazed. Perfect for existing structures or new builds, the system provides greater privacy and insulation, and makes it easy to create a versatile living space that can be used whatever the weather.

Some options can even incorporate a high vaulted ceiling and roof lighting – so this is the ideal solution for a bespoke living space that is as individual as you and your property.

For our experienced team, each tiled roof replacement is quick to install compared to other solid roofs. This means far less disruption to your life and an efficient service from our friendly tradesmen.

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