Is it worth replacing my conservatory roof?

Tiled roof gable end conservatoryIf you had a conservatory installed over 20 years ago, chances are it was with a dated type of polycarbonate roofing. These older plastics are poor insulators, resulting in glazed extensions that are often unusable as they are too hot or cold and do not feel cosy and as secure as the rest of the house. It can be quite frustrating to have a whole room that is impractical and uninviting, but luckily there are a variety of ways you can rejuvenate your space without having to completely replace it. A new conservatory roof can make all the difference, for 3 simple reasons…

1. A new roof will make your conservatory extremely energy-efficient

Replacing the roof on your conservatory will give you a room that you can use all year round. It will contribute to the regulation of temperature, resulting in a cool and pleasant environment in summer and a cosy, warm room in winter.

The innovative technology in replacement conservatory roofs means that they are more thermally efficient than old conservatories. No longer will you have to use portable heaters to make your conservatory usable, a new roof will naturally keep the heat in and the cold out.

2. A new roof will weather-proof your conservatory

Not only will your replacement conservatory roof control the temperature but it will also keep rain and draughts out, withstand strong winds, and will not deteriorate in snow either. The extremely durable structure will last for years to come and is exceptionally low maintenance – don’t forget, our glass replacement roofs are self-cleaning!

3. A new roof will give your conservatory a completely fresh appearance

LivinRoof afterLike us all, conservatories sometimes need a little TLC; a makeover to revive their personality and charm. A replacement tiled or solid roof will give your conservatory a totally new appearance, replicating more of a traditional brick extension. Whether you opt for the LivinROOF or the UltraROOF 380, your new roof can be designed to perfectly harmonise with your home.

On the other hand, if you still want to keep the classical look of a glazed roof then our glass roof replacements are just what you need. They will instantly make your living space feel lighter and brighter, whilst allowing you to enjoy views of the beautiful outdoors!

High-performing glazed & tiled replacement roofs for conservatories in Bristol, Newbury & Maidenhead

To conclude, a conservatory roof replacement is well worth the investment – it is a cost-effective way of upgrading your existing conservatory, without having to replace the whole thing. As your local conservatory design and installation experts, we take care of each step and, thanks to the quality of our work and our secure insured 10-year guarantees that are offered as standard, we are acknowledged as quality tradesmen in the industry.

For more information, browse through our buying guide or contact us and one of our glazing experts will be in touch soon to discuss your requirements!

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