What is a combination conservatory?

Brown double combination conservatory french doors

When it comes to your home, sometimes one size doesn’t always fit or suit all. This is especially true when it comes to increasing your space with a glazed extension such as a conservatory. Did you know that you can have something different to the standard Regency or Victorian styles? These are all classic styles which can perfectly suit the right home but they might not be right for you.

A combination conservatory allows you to take the best of multiple styles to create a conservatory tailormade for you. They are sometimes called P or T-shaped conservatories as can resemble this shape. They allow you to make the most of your available space and give you more possibilities for your home. Do you need more space for entertaining or want a peaceful haven away from the hustle and bustle of the main home?

What are the benefits of a combination conservatory for my home?

  • Be different form the rest. If your street is full of conservatories, the bespoke design you can get from a combination conservatory will help make your home stand out
  • If you dream of having two separate spaces within your conservatory then a combination design could be ideal. The different elements allow you to make two distinct spaces such as a lounge and dining room
  • If your home or garden is an unusual or large shape, a combination conservatory can be made to fit it exactly
  • If you have a large detached home, a combination allows you to experiment with size and shape. Create an impressive space that will wow anyone that sees it
  • Combination conservatories are also ideal if you can’t choose between all the different styles. If you love the floor space that the Edwardian style gives you but want to fill the room with light with the gabled roof of the Regency style; why compromise?

What are my options for combination conservatories?

Combination conservatory with brick base

You have the freedom to pick your favourite elements from any of our conservatory styles but here are a few ideas. The Edwardian style gives you an expanse of floor space and with the addition of a Victorian element you can enjoy the elegant pitched roof. Increase your space as well as your views with a combination conservatory. If you love enjoying your garden or are surrounded by beautiful countryside, talk to us about making the most of this. We can create conservatories in the Gull Wing and Regency style too so let us know what your favourite is.

Of course, if you have your own vision for your home, come and talk to our design experts to create a bespoke space for your family. We will work with you to find the perfect new space for your home.

Our versatile range of combination conservatories

Using strong frames and efficient glazing, our conservatories won’t let you down whatever style you choose. We use slim frames to maximise your views and multi chamber profiles to keep your conservatory comfortable all year round.

Come down to one of our three show sites to discuss and find your dream combination conservatory. Available in uPVC, aluminium or timber, we can find the perfect new space for you. Get in touch today to enhance your home and garden.