What are the benefits of a glass conservatory roof?

Installing a conservatory allows you to enjoy your garden all year round and embrace indoor-outdoor living to the maximum. To get the most out of it, you’ll want to allow as much natural light in as possible and there’s no better way to do that than with a glass conservatory roof. We’ve put together this list of benefits to help you decide whether a glass conservatory roof is the right option for your South England home.

Solar control glass replacement conservatory roof

Glass conservatory roofs are thermally efficient

Our high-performing glass offers incredibly low U values that surpass building regulations for greater thermal performance, saving you money on heating bills in the winter and reducing the carbon footprint of your conservatory. The glass we use for our conservatory roofs is also solar controlled which means it deflects the heat of the sun when it reaches a comfortable temperature, meaning you won’t need to worry about your conservatory turning into a greenhouse during the summer. Our glass conservatory roofs transform your conservatory into a space you can enjoy all year round.

Glass conservatory roofs are low maintenance

We utilise self-cleaning glass in our roofing solutions which means you don’t need to worry about spending time maintaining your conservatory roof. This advanced self-cleaning process uses the sun’s energy to burn off any dirt, and the invisible coating aids water in removing any debris that has built up.

Increase natural light and views with a glass conservatory roof

You’ll soon stop wondering if glass conservatory roofs are any good when you see the huge amount of natural light that they bring into your conservatory and your adjoining rooms. We all want more natural light in our homes as it makes rooms feel larger, more airy, and generally more enjoyable to spend time in. This alone is a great reason to consider having a glass conservatory roof.

One other benefit of glass conservatory roofs is that they give a beautiful view of the sky above. Enjoy watching the clouds, blue skies, birds flying by, and even the snow and rain, all from the comfort of your home. A glass conservatory roof is a window to the world above!

Replacement glass roof for conservatory

Glass conservatory roofs are an affordable solution

Replacing your conservatory roof with a glass roof is a much cheaper home improvement than have an entirely new conservatory built. If the rest of your conservatory (windows, doors, locking systems, hardware etc) is still in good working order then a replacement roof could transform your conservatory into the year-round living space you’ve always wanted.

Improve sound proofing with a glass conservatory roof

Our glass conservatory roofs are created by combining large panels of thick glazing, which not only offers a modern and sophisticated aesthetic, but also provides improved acoustic insulation. If you have an old polycarbonate roof you may find it doesn’t provide sound proofing from the outside and is particularly loud when it rains. With a glass conservatory roof, this problem is vastly improved.

Replacement conservatory roofs across Bristol, Reading and Berkshire

A replacement glass conservatory roof can enhance your existing conservatory and increase the amount of natural light that enters your living space whilst also improving thermal insulation.

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