What is a ‘warm roof’ conservatory?

Livin solid tiled replacement orangery and conservatory roof replacement - warm roof conservatory

A ‘warm roof’ conservatory has an insulated tiled roof system that’s made with composite tiles rather than slate. Warm roofs are designed to look and feel like a ‘real roof’ and allow your conservatory to become more like an extension. A solid or warm roof allows your conservatory to blend in with your home and look like it’s always been there. Here at Oakley Green Conservatories, we offer two solid replacement conservatory roofs; the LivinROOF and UltraROOF380. They can be added to a new build conservatory or as a replacement for an old inefficient roof. Let’s take a look at what they can both bring to your home.

Why should I choose a ‘warm roof’ for my conservatory?

  • They are extremely insulating and will make your home feel warmer
  • Unlike a glass roof, you control how much light you want in
  • If your garden is overlooked, a warm roof conservatory gives you that extra level of privacy from neighbours
  • With different colour and material options, you can design your roof your way

The LivinROOF

The LivinROOF system is a unique and fully customisable solid roof alternative. It can be added to any size conservatory or extension and comes in a sophisticated Urban Grey colour. They are made up of composite panels and slab insulation. These panels will keep your warmth in all year round and unlike a glass roof, you won’t be in danger of the room overheating. You can add as many glazing panels as you like to let light flood in and make your room bright and welcoming.

If you want to create a smooth and clean aesthetic, you have the option of the classic cornice. This hides your guttering from view and gives you a sleek and attractive roof. The LivinROOF has a vaulted ceiling which allows you to decorate it as you would any other part of your home. You could have integrated lights and speakers to make your home as modern as possible.

Tiled conservatory roof - warm roof conservatory

The UltraROOF380

The UltraROOF380 is made of lightweight slate effect tiles and can hold multiple glass panels. Control the amount of light and fresh air you let into your conservatory. The insulated panels underneath the tiles offer superb thermal efficiency, allowing your conservatory to be comfortably used all year round. Available in three attractive colours, you can blend your conservatory in with the rest of your home or make it stand out to become an impressive focal point. With a high quality finish, it will certainly make a difference to your home.

Available in any shape and with a vaulted ceiling, your conservatory won’t feel like an add-on to your home. Choose from modern aluminium or traditional tile for your roof capping; make your conservatory roof a perfect fit for your home.

Pick the right warm roof conservatory for your home

If you would like to replace your conservatory roof with a warm roof or even a new glass roof, we can help. We have everything you need to make your conservatory perfect and become your favourite room in your home. Get in touch today to transform your home.