Top trends for kitchen extensions in 2017

Lantern Roof

If you love cooking or entertaining, then the kitchen is probably one of your favourite rooms in your home. Have you thought about extending it? The kitchen is often the most valuable room in the house as homeowners tend to spend more money on it. Those viewing a prospective new home also often judge it on the condition of the kitchen. If you’re planning on renovating and extending your kitchen this year, here are some up-and-coming trends for kitchen extensions.

Add a splash of colour

A mixture of different colours and materials are being suggested as the ones to choose for 2017. Stone and metal effect worktops are growing in popularity and can add a certain sense of grandeur to your kitchen. You can match your worktops with your cupboard doors to add continuity to the whole room. Quartz, once seen as an exclusive material, is now being used instead of laminate and can give a stunning effect. Earthy neutral colours are classics that will be around for years to come. Combine stone worktops with natural browns and grey for a kitchen that will add style to your home. Copper hardware is a popular choice that complements this trend.

Illuminate your kitchen

Flooding your new extension with natural light will instantly improve the atmosphere of the room. A lantern roof is the perfect way to do this while still maintaining your privacy. These give it a welcoming feel as well as making you want to use the room more. With an open plan feel, you could create a dining area that becomes a loved living space and focal point. Roof lanterns can be incorporated into a flat roof to give maximum light and will certainly add the wow factor to your kitchen extension.


Intelligent storage

Storage is something everybody wants more of, regardless of which room. More and more units are being designed with innovative ways to store items while leaving surfaces free of clutter. You can now find units with hooks for towels and utensils on the insides of the doors or ceiling height cupboards. This will give you more preparation space for cooking and makes the room tidier and more organised.

Let nature in

Another trend for 2017 is to make your garden play a more prominent role in your home. With outside dining areas on the rise; this could be a perfect opportunity alongside your new kitchen. With bifold doors you can fully open your home up to the outdoors. They create an open plan feel as your garden becomes a seamless continuation of your kitchen. When the warmer months arrive, you can feel the full benefit of alfresco dining and admire your gorgeous surrounds.

Cook up some creativity

The décor of your kitchen can play a massive role in how much you enjoy being in there. Experiment with differently shaped and coloured tiles or why not try glazing? Glass splashbacks are on trend at the moment and with different colours you can create a really unique style that looks elegant and modern. The choices are endless so be as creative as you desire and create a kitchen you can be proud of.

Kitchen extensions to add more than value to your home

We offer two options for your kitchen extensions; a traditional brick extension and orangeries or conservatories. Made bespoke for your needs, we can create a beautiful new kitchen that you and your family will love. We will work with you through every stage of the process to make a design perfect for you. Whether it’s more space you want or to incorporate your garden, we can help so contact us today.