Time to renovate your garage to extra living space – and here’s why…

Garage Conversion Exterior-converting your garage

With the ever-growing property prices and costs of moving, a lot of people are asking themselves this – To move or improve? If you are just looking for a little extra room for a new edition to the family or maybe the kids need their own living space (who wants to be watching the kids playing on their Xbox in the evenings anyway!) improving is the way forward. Many properties, both new & old, have a garage and this space is untapped potential for another space to live and play in.

Most of us who have a garage don’t use it, and we aren’t the only ones – 90 per cent of British garages don’t contain a car. What a waste of space! Here are a few reasons why you should make the most of that space & convert it!

Adding value

Even if you decide to improve and stay in the property a little longer, that extra room will also be beneficial further down the line when people are in a similar position looking for that slightly larger home. A garage can add 5-10% value to your home but an extra living space, especially a bedroom, can instantly add 11% according to Zoopla. So whether you are improving to stay or improving to move, the value’s there to increase the living space.

Think outside of the box

If it’s an integrated garage, could you knock down the walls and reconfigure the space to give yourself that larger, dream kitchen you’ve always wanted? Or if it’s a detached garage, could you create a mini annex, maybe a self-contained studio apartment? The limits to what you can do with these spaces are boundless. One thing to always be aware of is planning permission – major works to a property will probably require some level of sign off from the local council, so make sure you enquire.

If you’ve got a front garden & a garage

Lose the front garden. Paving over the front garden may sound a little extreme, but for urban properties this is the perfect solution for private parking and still converting the garage to a living space. This action could add as much as £50,000 to the property value, so ask yourself, how often do you use your front garden?

Make the most of your unloved garage with Oakley Green

If those statistics have got you thinking about converting your garage, read our 5 great ideas for your garage conversion project or get in touch if you want to discuss what we could do with your garage.