Timber conservatories: Real wood or oak colour uPVC frames?

Victorian Conservatory - timber conservatories or uPVC

Are you dreaming of a new conservatory for your home but aren’t sure what material it should be made from? Timber conservatories are effortlessly beautiful but did you know you can get the timber look from uPVC too? Both timber and uPVC offer a range of benefits that make them ideal for conservatories. What should you consider when choosing between the two?

Boost your kerb appeal with a beautiful conservatory

Timber is a beautiful natural material that has been used for centuries in the home. Giving your home a heritage feel, timber fits in perfectly with period and traditional homes. Many also love the luxurious feel that timber brings and it can set your home above the rest. With a range of translucent or opaque finishes, you can give your timber conservatory the perfect finish.

uPVC has had a reputation for being a functional yet less attractive material in the past but this isn’t the case. Easy to colour, you can choose from a whole host of options from classic white to sophisticated grey. Your conservatory doesn’t have to be like the rest. With wood grain foils, you can have uPVC which is indistinguishable from real timber.

Don’t waste time looking after your conservatory

When it comes to maintenance, uPVC couldn’t be easier to look after. It’s durable and weatherproof and only requires an occasional clean to keep it looking as good as the day it was installed. uPVC won’t corrode and can stand against whatever the weather throws at it.

Regency Conservatory - timber conservatories or uPVC

In the past, timber was a hassle to maintain with arduous repainting every few years. With the high quality microporous paint our timber conservatories have, this isn’t necessary. The wood is protected against the elements and is prevented from rotting to give it a long-life expectancy. An occasional paint top up is only required every few years to keep the colour looking as good as new. Your timber conservatory will stay looking stunning for many years to come.

The perfect room for all seasons

Both timber and uPVC offer extremely high levels of thermal insulation. With multi-chambered frames, the perfect temperature is maintained all year round. With our high quality glazing, natural light fills your conservatory without letting the sun overheat your room. Gone are the days of abandoning your conservatory in the height of summer and depths of winter.

Protect your home and the environment

If pricing is an important consideration for you, uPVC is normally considered the cheaper of the two materials. This is because timber is seen as the more traditional and lavish of the two. We only try to use uPVC that is 100% recycled and recyclable where possible. Our timber is always from sustainable sources and both materials contribute to a reduction in your carbon footprint. This will help lower your energy bills as well as reduce your household’s environmental impact.

Conservatories to transform your home

Only you can choose what’s best for your home. Whether you choose uPVC or timber, an Oakley Green conservatory will be perfect for your home. Get in touch with us today to discuss our beautiful range of uPVC and timber conservatories.