7 things to consider before getting a conservatory

Regency conservatory with gable front-things to consider before getting a conservatory

If you’re thinking of adding a stunning spacious conservatory to your home, make sure you’ve considered these points. This ensures that your new glazed extension will fit perfectly in your home and you get the most enjoyment from it.

What’s your budget?

Before you commit to any home improvements, you need to determine how much you can afford. Is this something that needs to be saved up for? A conservatory can add significant value to your property, but you need to weigh this up with your financial situation. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover you can afford a bigger conservatory or you may need slightly more modest plans.

What is it for?

This is the second most important consideration before getting a conservatory as it determines the other decisions. What do you plan to use your new conservatory for? Will it be a traditional sun room where you can relax and enjoy your gorgeous views? With an abundance of glazing, a conservatory gives you ample amounts of light. They’re perfect if your home and garden looks over the surrounding countryside. Another popular choice is to have your conservatory as an extension of your kitchen. You can add a dining area or have it as a formal dining room for entertaining. With such a stunning room, parties will always be popular at your home.

Big or small?

This ties in with the above point. How big a conservatory can you afford? You want to ensure that you don’t dwarf your home by going too big or taking up too much of your valuable garden space. This could affect the value of your home if you decide to sell. However, you also want it to be enough for everything you intend to do in it.

Which style suits your home?

Do you have a favourite conservatory style? The Victorian style perfectly suits a lounge with its round edges and stunning views. While the Edwardian style gives you a large floor space so would be ideal for a dining room. We can also create bespoke combination conservatories which allow you to combine your favourite elements creating a tailormade space for your family. We will also help you to match your conservatory to your home’s current design and can even recommend new replacement windows to compliment your home improvement project.

Edwardian conservatory in oak effect

What do you want it to be built out of?

What would you like your conservatory to be made from? Here at Oakley Green Conservatories, we can create uPVC, timber or aluminium conservatories. All offer superb insulation, security and customisation options. uPVC is the classic choice while timber would perfectly fit in with traditional homes. Aluminium will bring an ultramodern feel to your home. We can help recommend the best new doors for your conservatory, whether its bifolding doors or french doors, we’ll ensure they maximise the light entering your home whilst keeping it secure.

Have you considered planning permission?

According to the Planning Portal, adding a conservatory to your house is considered a permitted development. As long as the following conditions are followed, you won’t need to apply for permission:

  • The conservatory doesn’t take up more than half the land around the original house
  • It cannot be higher than the highest part of your home’s roof
  • It must not be higher than 4m
  • If you live in a conservation area or a listed building, other limitations may apply so contact your local authority

Here at Oakley Green, we will take care of any permission needed and always ensure we comply with building regulations. So there’s no need for you to deal with complicated issues surrounding planning permission yourself.

What roof is best for you?

Did you know that a conservatory doesn’t have to have a glass roof? To stay in keeping with the rest of your home and to provide superior insulation, we offer tiled roof replacements. A solid roof will make your conservatory look like an extension and allows you to keep the same style across your home. This also gives you a vaulted perimeter ceiling which lets the room flow with the rest of your home. You could even incorporate spotlights and speakers into this. A glass roof lets natural light fill your conservatory to give a bright, airy and spacious room. With efficient glass, it will never feel too hot or cold.

Choose the reliable conservatory specialists

To ensure that your conservatory is comfortable all year, secure and designed to your exact specifications, choose a trustworthy installer. Here at Oakley Green Conservatories, as our name suggests, conservatories are our speciality. We will work with you to find out exactly what you want. Come and visit one of our showrooms to get some inspiration or get in touch today.