Small conservatory ideas: 9 design tips from the pros

An internal view of one of our victorian conservatories- small conservatory ideas

If you have a modest budget or don’t want to take up too much of your garden, a small conservatory or orangery can still give you the space you need. There are so many ways you can still make the most out of a small conservatory with these design tips from the experts.

A small conservatory doesn’t have to restrict you

Decide on what you will use your conservatory for before it’s built; it can become anything you want it to be. Otherwise you run the risk of it being a room that has a bit of everything in it and can easily become cluttered. Do you want it as extra storage space or do you want it to become a relaxing lounge or formal dining room? With smaller conservatories or orangeries, it’s more important to plan what you’re going to do.

Find the right style for you

Style is important if a glazed extension on the smaller side is what you’re after. A lean-to is a simple style that has a sloped roof which is attached to the wall of your home. They can be made a big as you like but suit smaller homes without being intrusive. A regency conservatory’s pitched roof gives the illusion of more space. It also fills with light which will brighten up your home and make it a welcoming room you’ll love to spend time in. If you’re garden or home is a more awkward shape, a combination conservatory can be made to fit your garden exactly. Take the best bits from different designs to create the best extension for you and pair with new replacement windows and bifolding doors to maximise the light entering your extension.

An orangery installation at one of our showrooms - roof lantern

Let light increase your space

When it comes to making rooms appear bigger, light is your friend. As well making your home feel more inviting, it gives the illusion of more space. How about a new glass roof to let light flow through your home? Energy efficient and with crystal clear views, they are a far cry from the poly-carbonate roofs of the past and will be perfectly complimented with new replacement windows. 

Space-saving solutions

Storage can be an issue throughout homes with everyone always having more stuff than they know what to do with. If you have a lot of ornaments that you like to have out, why not consider a display cabinet? This way you can find an attractive piece of furniture that can keep all your treasured possessions together.

Add the wow factor

If you choose an orangery, why not consider a lantern roof? This stunning elevated glazing can be fitted onto a flat roof and provides an amazing focal point as well as filling your home with light. If you already have a conservatory, we can replace your roof with a new glass or tiled version to bring it back to life.

Colour does more than brighten up a room

Victorian Conservatory- glass extension

Colour is important in any room in the home but the wrong one can make a small room look tiny. Light pastel colours are your best choice as these create an airy and spacious feel. A dark floor draws attention to the contrast with the walls and will open up your room. If you want to include some wallpaper in your orangery, horizontal stripes will widen a narrow room. French doors will help to keep your room bright and light.

Let your home and garden blend into one

The doors that lead from your conservatory to your garden can be as important as the conservatory itself. Bifolding doors can dramatically open up your space and allow you to add garden living to your home. By creating an open plan feel between your home and garden, your space will feel bigger in no time. New replacement windows, double glazing or triple glazing, will keep your conservatory looking modern whilst being energy efficient and light.

Fix space issues with fabulous furniture

The furniture you choose for your conservatory or orangery can affect how much space you have. If you want it to become a room for entertaining, consider stackable chairs to give you more room when not dining. How about a bench that has hidden storage? These are nifty ways of saving space and ensuring you don’t clutter up your conservatory which can make it feel smaller.

Go green with a garden room

If you want your conservatory to become a greenhouse but don’t have lot a of floorspace for plants, try a vertical garden. Add staggered shelves where plants can be stacked to grow upwards. This can also be used in your garden if you’re short of space and can look very effective. If you would like to discuss any small conservatory ideas for your home, get in touch today.