An orangery extension that will look like a glossy magazine

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If you’re dreaming of a luxurious improvement that makes your home look like it’s in a magazine, consider an orangery extension. These elegant structures are similar to conservatories but feel more opulent and are the perfect way to make your home stand out.

What’s so special about an orangery?

Orangeries, as the name suggests, were originally used to protect fruit during the harsh winter. They were often found in grand estates and the homes of the wealthy and originated in Italy. Extravagant examples can still be seen at Kensington Palace and the Palace of Versailles. Like conservatories, they make the most of windows to let in as much light as possible but feature more solid sections such as brick pillars and walls. This allows them to be a room suitable for use throughout the year. Your warmth is kept in and draughts won’t be an issue. They will feel as comfortable as the rest of your home; you won’t even notice it’s an extension. With less glazing, during the summer you can stay shaded as well as maintain more privacy.

Perfect for any use you can imagine

An orangery is the ideal extension for a number of rooms. From a lounge where you can relax and enjoy views of your garden and the countryside to a home office full of creative inspiration. They work especially well as a dining room perfect for dinner parties as they will certainly impress your guests. With the addition of bifold doors, this can become a garden room that merges your inside and outside spaces.

Make your home photo ready

A large orangery

How you decorate and furnish the inside of your orangery is as important if you want to achieve that Grand Designs look. Whether you choose a solid or glass roof, you could have an opulent chandelier to add a sense of grandeur to your home. How about spotlights and speakers integrated into the ceiling? Add mirrors to reflect light around the room and make it feel even larger than it is.

Add the perfect finishing touch

An orangery can have a range of different roofs depending on what you like the most. Choose a sold roof which will allow it to blend in with the rest of your home and have a plastered ceiling inside. A lantern roof is extremely popular with orangeries as it makes the perfect centrepiece to any room. Featuring glass panels elevated on a flat roof, they fill your room with light while still keeping you shaded from the sun’s rays and any overlooking neighbours.

The best orangeries in the South

We can create a bespoke orangery for your home using uPVC, aluminium or timber frames and energy efficient glazing. We will consult with you about how you want to use your new orangery extension and how you imagine it to look. With full creative control, you can design the home of your dreams. If you’d like to boost your homes aesthetic appeal with a beautiful orangery, contact Oakley Green Conservatories today. We have the right expertise and product range to ensure your next home improvement project is a success.