Replace your existing polycarbonate roof with a new glass roof

Solar control glass replacement conservatory roof

Polycarbonate. The stuff that dreams are made of. Well, that was the thought process a few decades at least!

If you had a conservatory installed over a decade ago, or moved into a home that already had one, chances are you are very familiar with the downsides of polycarbonate.

What’s the problem with polycarbonate?

Dated polycarbonate doesn’t offer great protection for your conservatory – from noise, draughts or the weather in general.

Conservatory roof replacement is a great solution. You can make the most of your living space once again – especially if you opt for a new glazed roof from conservatory specialists.

Choose a new glass roof

Modern glass is high performance, and designed to last. Not only does it look good, it offers a range of benefits. This includes the removal of draughts, better noise insulation and the retaining of heat. This means you can use your conservatory all year round, without it being too stuffy in Summer or too cold in Winter.

Conservatory roof replacement will also greatly enhance the overall aesthetics of your conservatory. The new glass roof will be easier to clean too! Even opt for self-cleaning options, which work to break down dirt, which is then removed by rain. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Trust the conservatory specialists

With years of experience and countless happy customers, Oakley Green Conservatories are a name that you can rely on. We are experts in installing new glazed extensions or conservatory roof replacements. To find out how your conservatory could benefit from a new glass roof, get in touch today – or visit one of our showrooms in Bristol, Maidenhead or Newbury.