4 period conservatory ideas for 2021!

Because of their timeless, eye-catching designs, period conservatories have been, and still are, extremely popular with homeowners looking to give themselves more living space. For those who are unaware, the term ‘period conservatories’ is used to describe Victorian, Edwardian, and Regency conservatories, which each have their roots in the historic periods after which they are named.

So, if you are interested in adding one to your home this year, we thought these 4 period conservatory ideas might inspire you!

1. uPVC Victorian conservatory with glass roof and French doors

One of our victorian conservatory installations

The classic and most popular option, Victorian conservatories bring the wow factor to any home with their curved fronts and ornate ridges. The equally timeless, 2-door design of French doors is perfectly in keeping the design and will allow you to bring the outside in when open too.

The combination of insulating uPVC and a modern glass roof also means you can soak up the sun without fear of the conservatory overheating in summer or getting too cold in winter.

2. Aluminium Edwardian conservatory with sliding patio doors

A large rectangular Edwardian conservatory - conservatory windows

With their square/rectangular shape, you can utilise all the available floor space in an Edwardian conservatory. As they are known for their clean lines, opting for aluminium, which can be built to more slender proportions, will put a contemporary twist on a classic conservatory whilst allowing natural light to flood the interior.

With a set of sliding patio doors, moving from the inside of the conservatory to the out will be as simple as smoothly sliding the doors to one side.

3. Regency conservatory with tiled roof and glazing panels

Tiled roof gable end conservatoryThanks to a rectangular shape, regency conservatories also offer the maximum floor space. Unlike their Edwardian counterparts, however, they have a gable-ended front. This creates a sense of grandeur and makes them feel incredibly spacious.

Tiled roofs feature a tiled exterior and plastered interior ceiling and market-leading thermal performance, meaning you can expect a conservatory that looks and feels more like a traditional extension. However, incorporating full-length glazing panels into the roof means you will not sacrifice too much natural light.

4. Victorian and Edwardian conservatory (P-shaped conservatory) with Livinroof

P-shaped conservatory with Livin roofWhy not utilise two different period conservatories, creating what is known as a P-shaped conservatory? Like other combination conservatories, they are great if you have enough garden space available. Leaving you with 2 large areas at your disposal, which you might use for totally different things, there is a lot of flexibility with a P-shaped conservatory.

By opting for a Livinroof, you’ll also combine the qualities of glass and tiled roof, meaning you can enjoy an outstanding thermal performance without having to sacrifice natural light.

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