Why you should consider a kitchen orangery instead

Boasting a range of impressive features, kitchen orangery extensions make a great addition to your home. It’s no wonder they’re becoming an increasingly popular choice with today’s homeowners. Whether it’s an extension of your old kitchen or an entirely new one you’re after, there’s plenty of reasons to consider one.

Give yourself more options

Whether you’re cooking in there, cleaning or just having a bit of a chinwag, kitchens receive consistent use throughout the year. So, why not do all those things in a more comfortable, better lit space, which has more room for other purposes?

Extending your kitchen with an orangery can create a multi-functional space for you and guests to enjoy. Choose from an open plan dining/kitchen area, somewhere to entertain guests and more. Whatever you decide, you’ll have more space to do with as you please.

Customise and personalise to your exact wants

Decide on the mix of plastered walls to glazed portions, the style of lantern roof and the layout of your new space. Keep your kitchen where it is, or move the appliances around, it’s entirely up to you.

Create the ultimate open space

A lantern roof will allow copious amounts of light into your home, creating a beautiful ambience. Installing some bi-fold doors will increase the feeling of openness, creating a seamless transition between the inside and outside of your home. This could make the perfect entertainment space for your household, and any guests, to enjoy. Plus, a kitchen orangery is fantastically insulated, meaning it can be used comfortably the year round.

Examples of kitchen conversions from us at Oakley

kitchen conversion

The cupboards and appliances have been placed on either side of the room, allowing for an open space in the centre, which is rained upon by natural light from the stylish lantern roof. The contemporary feel of this kitchen orangery is strengthened with the addition of sliding bi-fold doors, which create guidelines between other rooms without restricting the open feel.

Kitchen orangery extension conversion with quality kitchen and dining room - expand your kitchen

An elegant lantern roof with hanging chandelier ensures the area is highly illuminated and bursting with style. With a breakfast bar and dining area, tenants and guests can eat in complete comfort any time of the day. An abundance of plastered walls lets the owners add a personal touch to their new space too.

Check out our gallery for additional examples.

Will I need to get planning permission?

The short answer is no, provided they don’t exceed current building guidelines. Orangeries are usually considered a permitted development right, meaning planning permission won’t be required. This means less waiting around for work to begin, compared to a traditional brick and mortar extension.

Oakley – kitchen conversion and glazing specialists

Oakley has extensive experience installing kitchen orangeries. With designers, surveyors and builders at their disposal, Oakley will work with you every step of the way to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Extended your kitchen with an orangery is a fantastic idea; it’ll add value to your home and provide extra space to use all year round. Get in touch with us today, if you’re interested in having one installed. You can call us on 01635 877 959 or send us an online message.