No car, need space? The benefits of converting your garage

Garage Conversion Exterior-converting your garage
If you need more space at home for your growing family or business, there may be an untapped resource you haven’t considered. Converting your garage can give you so much extra space that you never realised you have. If you’re not making the most of this space, consider putting it to be a better use. Many people’s garages are just full of odds and ends and if you don’t keep a car in there, a conversion could be ideal. From an extra bedroom to a home office, the possibilities are endless.

Love where you live

Getting more space is desirable for most homes and a garage conversion is the perfect way to achieve this. Whether your family needs a bit more space or you need more space to work, a garage conversion provides plenty of potential. Increasing your space without the need to move is a great benefit in itself. Moving can be very stressful as well as expensive. If you’re happy with your home and neighbourhood, why would you want to move? Stay in the home you love while still creating your perfect space.

Utilise the potential of your current home

Garage Conversion Interior
The biggest advantage of converting your garage is that you’re using space you already have and don’t need to build any extra walls and foundations. This will make it significantly cheaper than an extension and should also make it quicker to complete. This will mean as little hassle for your family as possible. Unlike an extension, converting your garage won’t take up any extra space in your garden. You can expand your living space without increasing the size of your property.

Converting your garage is easy for us

Planning permission is rarely needed with garage conversions so that gives you one less thing to worry about. With minimal disruption for and your neighbours, you can have the space you’ve always craved. If any planning permission is required or you want to install plumbing, our team can take care of all of this for you.

Add more than just space

Making any improvements to your home can add value; converting your garage is an easy way to do this. If you plan on selling your home one day, then the converted garage could make it desirable for potential buyers. Do bear in mind that you may still want to ensure you or guests have somewhere to park. Talk to a local estate agent to find out how much a garage conversion could add to the value of your home.

Specialists in garage conversion and all your home improvements

Here at Oakley Green we are specialists in garage conversions. We have everyone you will need to turn your garage into a usable room from plasterers to fitters. Whether your garage is integrated or detached from your home, we can create a seamless flow around your home.