What is modern home décor style and how can I get the look?


‘Modern’ home decor, according to a survey by Origin Bifolds, is the most desirable interior design trend. But what is it and how can you incorporate it into your home?

What is modern home décor?

There are two different ways to describe modern home decor style. The first is the style that developed between the 1920s and the 1950s. This was basically an attempt to break from tradition. However, for those of us not up-to-date with design trends, it can be a different story. Many will use the term ‘modern’ loosely as something that looks contemporary and fresh. The ‘minimalist’ look is similar but still a distinct style. However, it can still be called modern in terms of being a post 20th century invention.

Simplicity is often the key element of any modern style and this goes hand-in-hand with clean and smooth lines. A monochrome colour scheme is often a popular choice as well as using metals and glass as materials. It can be described as the opposite of styles trying to create a heritage feel. This often incorporates a lot of wood and is recognised by the use of pastel colours.

How can I get the modern look in my home?

There are many ways, some big and some small, that can create the ‘modern’ home décor style in your home. Here are our favourites:

Aluminium, aluminium, aluminium

It can’t be stressed enough how much aluminium is the ultra-modern material for any home improvement. Suitable for windows, doors as well as conservatories and orangeries, aluminium has it all. With sleek slim frames that dominate modern styles, they offer wider views and let more light flood in. Aluminium is also extremely strong yet flexible so can handle heavier loads yet still be shaped in any way you like.

lantern roof in orangery - modern home decor

The door to a modern home

Bifolding doors can add so much to your home including an exceptionally modern feel. Unlike traditional sliding or patio doors, the panels stack to one side to allow the space to be completely opened up. Your indoor and outdoor spaces can blur into one. This makes outdoor living a breeze and will also make entertaining so much easier. Garden living is an increasingly popular trend and bifold doors will help you bring it to your home. Your available space suddenly feels larger and guests can flow around your home and garden. Available in uPVC, timber and aluminium, they can be designed however you like.

Glazing of the future

Modern windows are bucking the trend. You don’t have to stick with white uPVC casement windows if this doesn’t work for you. You can choose any colour that matches your style and most windows can be made to a custom shape. Large windows that replace walls are a very modern look.

Modern glazing isn’t limited to windows either. Lantern roofs are a stunning way to brighten up an extension or orangery. With elevated glazed panels, they act as a glazed roof as well as an impressive centrepiece for the room.

Modern home décor style the easy way

With help from Oakley Green Conservatories, you can have a modern and comfortable home that you love being in all year round.