Maximise your orangeries’ energy efficiency

Livin Room orangery with down lights and cosy atmosphere

An orangery is the perfect compromise between an extension and a conservatory. Boasting a brick or pillared structure, it feels less like an afterthought and more like a genuine part of your home. And how do you make the most of it, whether you already have an orangery or are thinking of gaining one? Opt for a glass roof with the LivinRoom

Why choose glass for your orangery?

Modern orangery designs prioritise one key thing: energy efficiency. Glass roofs, usually lantern in style, significantly improve thermal performance whilst simultaneously flooding rooms with light.

Wondering why this is? Orangeries use energy efficient glass, which retains more heat. With most of the glass in the roof, and bearing in mind that heat rises, a high performance roof means that heat has no choice but to stay inside! Combined with a more solid structure, including a plastered perimeter ceiling, it is far less likely that heat will escape. This means that your orangery will remain cosy, whenever you feel the need to turn the thermostat up.

There’s no need to worry about your orangery getting too stuffy when it’s warm either. Thanks to a combination of solid and glazed walls, it is easier to control how much sunlight enters the room, especially if you add stylish blinds.

What makes the LivinRoom so special?

Just like a Living room, the LivinRoom is one of the key components of a family home, and makes daily life that little bit more special.

The LivinRoom is the latest orangery to appear on the market. Choosing to have one installed therefore means that you can enjoy the most up to date home improvement, which offers a range of benefits inside and outside. This includes the option for an elegant suspended ceiling, customisation with speakers and downlights, and a range of colour options.

An orangery with a glass roof offers you and your family a lot of performance benefits and flexibility – and choosing Oakley’s experts for the installation will mean that you could be enjoying it in next to no time at all!