8 kitchen conservatory design tips from the experts

A grand combination conservatory in white uPVC

Kitchens are one of the most desirable rooms to extend so the whole family can spend time in them together. A kitchen conservatory or extension can give you the perfect room you’ve always wanted. From what style to have to which way it faces, it’s important to make your project a success. Here are some ideas to make your kitchen the best room in your home.

Bring the whole family together

Kitchens are often the hub and heart of the family home. This makes them one of the most desirable rooms to extend as families can spend a lot of time in there together. Maybe you would like to extend so you can add a dining table or breakfast bar? If you love cooking and baking then maybe more worktop space or an island would suit your home best. Consider how much extra space you would like in your new conservatory and how you will use it. This will help you decide what style is right for you.

A room that will always impress

If you’re happy with your kitchen as it is why not consider the conservatory as an extension for your dining room? By knocking through, your home will feel much bigger to give a room everyone will love spending time in. An open-plan kitchen/diner will completely transform and open up your space. This also makes the perfect area for entertaining guests who can enjoy the beautiful views of your garden.

A modern kitchen in one of our kitchen conversions

Location, location, location

When conservatories were mainly used as sun traps where you could enjoy the sun all year, they were often south-facing. This maximised exposure to the sun which keeps the room light but can make it feel slightly warmer. With a kitchen where the oven is often creating heat, this could make the conservatory feel too hot. If you can, choose to have your conservatory facing another direction.

Roofs suitable for every home

Our glass is all highly energy efficient but if you prefer to be shaded from all-day sun a solid roof could be ideal. Offering you lightweight and insulating tiles, you can have rooflights to still have your fill of natural light. A solid roof also gives you extra privacy if your garden is overlooked by neighbours. Allowing you to blend both your exterior and interior décor with the rest of your home gives you the best of both worlds.

Sometimes it’s about the little things

A kitchen conservatory extension

There are all sorts of finishing touches you could add to your new kitchen conservatory. How about integrated blinds? These will keep your furniture shaded and keep you cool as well as giving a tropical feel. Underfloor heating could be the perfect choice for winter evenings and means you don’t need any obtrusive heaters. Under cupboard lights are a wonderful way of boosting light and allow you to continue cooking all night.

Give yourself a kitchen with the wow factor

Lantern roofs are stunning additions that give you beautiful glazing that fits perfectly into flat roofs. The kitchen is one room that benefits the most from a flood of natural light. Allowing you to spend as long as possible in there creating beautiful food and spending quality family time. As well as filling your room with light they create the perfect centrepiece to your room.

Every bit of space counts

To give you the most room for your culinary creations, try and save space everywhere you can. From using the spaces in between cupboards to store anything from wine to towels you can free up your valuable space. The areas above and underneath your cupboards could also be used to add shelves. The inside of cupboard doors can have hooks to hang up utensils.

What style are you trying to recreate?

Kitchen conversion for open plan living

Giving your worktops and cupboards a facelift can work wonders for your kitchen. If you love how it looks, you’ll love spending time in there. If you want a thoroughly modern kitchen, think monochrome and metallic colours. Having copper pans out on display is a big trend at the moment. If you’re more of a traditional fan or want to bring some of the countryside into your home, think cottage kitchens. Wooden worktops and heritage pastel colours are the most common elements you’ll find in country kitchens.

The kitchen conservatory specialists for your home

Whether you want a kitchen extension or a conservatory, we can help every step of the way. From helping you plan your new dream kitchen to advising on colours, conservatories are our specialty. Get in touch with Oakley Green Conservatories today.