Introducing the New Ultraframe 380 roof


At Oakley Green, we’re always looking for smart and inventive ways of providing local homeowners with better versions of our bread and butter product, conservatories. For the longest time, traditional uPVC conservatories had a bad reputation of letting in unwanted draughts, providing bad soundproofing under harsh rainfall and generally underwhelming what most people wanted.

We’re proud to offer a new solution to these historical issues with the Ultraframe 380 roof, a new lightweight tiled system that can help reinvent existing conservatories as well as provide many benefits to your new one.

Market-leading efficiency using a lightweight tiled roofing system

The new Ultraframe 380 roof is able to deliver modern homeowners some of the very best acoustic and thermal insulation around due to the seamless combination of energy efficient glazing within the tiled roof, as well as the system’s highly insulating foam core which together helps to better trap any natural heat generated in the home via sun light entry.

These various advanced design elements assure that every British home can always remain both cool in the summer and warm in the winter. What’s more, because the tiles used in the system are amazingly lightweight, compared to other replacement roof options the 380 roof is exceptionally quick to install, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy lower U-values and better efficiency much faster.

A stunning extension solution both inside and out

The Ultraframe 380 roof comes in a generous choice of 3 authentic slate tiled colour options, so matching your new or existing conservatory to your home is never a hassle. Either Carbon Grey, Harvest Brown or Terra Brick will easily compliment any home. Yes, your roof needs to be both practical and comfortable in order to facilitate comfortable living, but not at the risk of leaving style at the wayside. Now with these beautiful colour tones you don’t have to!

Internally, the system allows for a beautiful vaulted plastered ceiling that better introduces a sense of light despite the roof’s solid structure, also creating a more spacious feel. It’s even possible to insert internal spotlights or speakers within the ceiling’s internal pelmet, ideal for those that want to better create the sensation of a modern orangery that better acts as a practical room.

Perfect for replacing dilapidated and tired conservatory roofs

The friendly team at Oakley Green Conservatories have both the tools and know-how to construct a new conservatory with an Ultraframe 380 roof from the ground-up, but it’s entirely possible that your existing extension doesn’t warrant a full replacement, just an upgrade. Dilapidated roofs can often cause leaky draughts, cold spots or just general rattling, so if you find yourself suffering from these drawbacks a 380 roof replacement will remove these drawbacks and more.

Tiled conservatory roof

A first class service from Oakley Green Conservatories

During our 16 years helping homeowners enjoy a better sense of energy efficiency, space and light within their individual living spaces, we’ve concentrated on amazing products whose quality can only be matched by the level of our customer service. The new Ultraframe 380 roof represents some of the best design and performance currently possible with a solid conservatory roof, so why settle for anything less?

If you would like to know more about how our latest roof can help enhance your new or existing conservatory, call us one of our respective and dedicated teams or send us a message online today.