How to choose the best timber windows for your home

timber windowsBeautiful, traditional aesthetics, manufactured to achieve contemporary levels of performance, timber windows make a fantastic addition to any home. But with so many things to consider, how can you decide which new replacement windows are best for your particular home? Read on, as our short guide will help you to determine how.

Choosing the type of wood

Whilst performance levels will remain similarly excellent regardless of the wood you choose, the natural colour and durability of the woods we offer differs slightly:

  • European Oak is golden brown in colour and is renowned for its attractive grain texture. It’s also exceptionally durable.
  • Considered very strong for its weight, the appearance of European Redwood is creamy-white to yellow with a straight to interlocked grain.
  • Sapele is generally reddish brown in colour and has a more random grain appearance. It’s renowned for its incredible durability too.
  • Naturally, Accoya wood appears in a cream/light straw colour but this darkens slightly after treatment. Treated via acetylation, its levels of resistance are extremely high.

But what about colour?

Complete the look of your chosen wood with over 2000 RAL colours and a range of opaque and luminous finishes. However, when considering a finish, just be wary of your home’s appearance. It’s important the colour suits the interior and exterior of your home as much as possible.

Determining the style

Deciding on the style of your new timber windows is important, it should complement your property’s existing features.

old timber window

  • Sliding sash windows are elegantly styled to adhere to traditional aesthetics, making them an ideal fit on older style properties.
  • Flush casements have a casement that is flush with the window frame, giving off a more traditional appearance. This means they are, generally, more suited to traditional properties too.
  • Storm-proof casements appear similarly to flush versions, however the casement is not flush to the frame. Regularly found upon new-build properties, they’re more suited to contemporary styled homes.

Are you particularly security conscious?

Solid security levels are present across all of our timber windows, however our storm-proof casements come with Secured by Design accreditation. This means they’re perfect for those who are particularly mindful about levels of security.

Double or triple glazing?

Deciding whether you want double or triple glazing is another thing to consider. Whilst double glazing performs impressively in terms of energy efficiency, security and soundproofing, it cannot match the levels achieved by triple glazing. If you’re truly looking to create a tranquil home environment and save money on your energy bills, consider having triple glazing fitted on your timber windows.

See our timber windows for yourself at one of our showrooms

Whilst online research is helpful, nothing compares to seeing something in the flesh for determining which variation feels right for you. Come on down to one of our showrooms, either in Newbury, Maidenhead or Bristol, where we’ve got a stunning range of timber windows on display.

Interested in learning more about how to choose the best timber windows for your home? Send us an online message today.