How do stable doors work?

Beaumont timber look stable door

Stable doors were originally used to keep animals out of farmhouses or to stop children getting outside. They are still popular today as a safety feature in modern homes to restrict child or pet access to and from a building. Providing excellent levels of security and enhanced ventilation capacity, stable doors add charm and character to modern homes and perfectly complement rural properties, farmhouses, and country cottages.

Convenient and user-friendly opening

Stable door’s two-way opening provides an innovative way to access your home. Both halves of the door can function independently of each other without compromising security. When both panels of the stable door are closed, they lock together and can be used just like a normal door. With multi-point locking systems as standard, they’ll give you peace of mind that your property is protected.

When you want to open only one of the stable door’s sections, the locking system on one half is released and can be easily swung open. Stable doors can be configured to open either inwards or outwards depending on your requirements and space restrictions.

Your choice of stable door

At Oakley Green, we install stable doors in a variety of materials. For modern properties choose low maintenance, high performing uPVC. Our uPVC stable doors are weather resistant, secure, and thermally efficient and perfectly replicate the opening action of original stable doors.

If you want a truly authentic stable door, we install stable doors made from traditional timber. For period properties or more rural homes, a timber stable door is a great choice. If you want to really enhance the security of your home, we offer stable doors made from composite materials. These doors are designed to repel even the most sustained attempts at forced entry while providing a sleek and stylish finish.

Stable doors from Oakley Green are suitable for use as front or back doors. They can be installed onto properties in towns, cities, and the countryside, and meet all the standards expected from a modern entrance door. If you’re interested in finding out more about our range of stable doors, contact Oakley Green today. Give us a call on Newbury 01635 877 959, Maidenhead 01189 401 975, Bristol 0117 910 9500 or send us a message online.