Glass vs tiled roof: Which replacement roof for my conservatory?

Solar control glass replacement conservatory roof

If you’re finding that your conservatory isn’t performing as well as it used to, a replacement roof could be just what your home needs. Choose from a glass or tiled roof; both offer superb insulation as well as bringing a fresh feel to your home.

Replacing your tired polycarbonate roof with an efficient replacement is much more affordable than replacing the whole conservatory. Replacing your conservatory roof will also increase the value of your home. It’s a long-lasting investment that ensures your conservatory can be enjoyed for years to come.

Crystal clear glass roofs

The thermal insulation glass roofs now offer is second to none. With high quality solar control glass, it’s possible to block out 83% of the sun’s energy. This leaves you with enough light to brighten up your room without overheating it. Efficient glass will help keep a comfortable temperature all year round so no need to abandon your conservatory once the temperatures get too high or low.

A glazed roof will give you stunning views around the whole of your conservatory which is perfect on a sunny day. Alternatively, with a clear night’s sky turn your conservatory into a star-gazing haven. One of the other benefits of a glass replacement roof is that you feel like you’re in a separate part of your home. A room dedicated to relaxing in the sun.

Treat your tired conservatory to a tiled roof

realROOF solid replacement roof orangery

A tiled replacement roof for your conservatory gives you the best of both worlds. With lightweight tiles, you can match your conservatory to the rest of your home. This allows it to feel like a natural extension rather than an add-on. A tiled roof gives you superior thermal insulation just like the rest of your home. You will have less light flooding in compared to a glass roof but if you like to keep shaded from the sun this is a good option. Rooflights can be added to give you bursts of light as well as allowing in a breeze. If your garden is overlooked by neighbours, then a solid roof gives you an extra layer of privacy.

With the choice of an UltraRoof as well as LivinRoof, you can fully customise your conservatory. Choose from a range of tile colour options as well as any roof style and shape. The interior of a tiled roof adds another level of sophistication to your conservatory with a vaulted ceiling. This allows you to create an open plan feel between your conservatory and home as well as giving the option of downlights and integrated speakers.

The replacement roof specialist for your home

With a replacement roof, your conservatory will feel brand new again. You can go back to enjoying using it throughout the year comfortably. Contact Oakley Green Conservatories today to bring your conservatory back to life.