How to furnish your orangery or conservatory

There’s so much consideration to take when adding an extended space to your home. But the good news is, when your conservatory or orangery is finally installed, it’s high time to be truly creative and get your decorative juices flowing. When approaching how to best furnish the space there are multiple weird and wild directions to take, so to help you on this journey, we’ve put together a handy guide of top tips!

Open Plan

Consider what your extended space will be used for

The first aspect to consider when working out how to best furnish your extended space is to settle on an application that it will be used for. What was your initial reasoning for adding one to your home? If intended for use as a dining room, tables, chairs, and maybe a heating element will do nicely, while if envisioned as a multi-purpose area for relaxation, tables are probably worth avoiding at all costs.

If sitting down to meals with a clear view over your garden does nothing for you and you’d like to do be more productive, conservatories and orangeries are ideal as a working space/ office – especially if working from home. Extended living spaces have been known to house all these applications as well as gyms, games rooms, and even extended kitchens. Regardless of choice, your decision will act as a great jumping off point when working out how to furnish. A near-essential step!

Settle on an interior design style: Rustic or modern?

Just like every home, every person is different, which means that your preferred style of interior design is something that’ll be wholly unique to you. Picking a theme and sticking with it can go a long way in terms of furnishing your conservatory or orangery, but for now, just as examples, we’ll focus us on rustic and modern.

Patio Doors


A popular furnishing style that makes the most sense for countryside cottages and country homes, if you’re going to go rustic the wooden and worn look is your friend. Try to incorporate this into any furniture you’re thinking of adding such as wardrobes, tables, and even flooring. Grains and knots successfully evoke a “lived in” feel, which when combined with appropriately shaggy carpets easily leans into a Rustic theme.


Light tones work the best when hoping to establish a conservatory theme that’s evocative of the contemporary and 21st century. Simple Whites, Light Blues, and Deep Greys successfully establish a chilled atmosphere that’s in-keeping with modern lifestyles. Silver metal chairs, tables, and other furnishings will let any natural light bounce around.

Achieve your perfect extended space with Oakley Green

We always recommend homeowners these two top tips whenever the time comes to furnish their new conservatory or orangery, being two distinct ways to begin the journey. For more information and advice from Oakley, feel free to call us one our respective teams or send us an online message.