How to pick the perfect finishing touches for your new orangery

A large luxury orangery - finishing touches for your new orangery

So, you’ve planned the perfect orangery for your home but need those last few finishing touches. Orangeries can become stunning modern rooms where you can add all sorts of exciting features that really set it apart from the rest of your home.

Make it your favourite room

The best way of choosing finishing touches for your new orangery is to decide what you’ll be using it for. Is it going to be a stunning dining room filled with guests or a cosy lounge for the family? Plan for electrical items you want such as televisions or stereos so sockets can be incorporated into the design. Speakers can be built into the ceiling to free up space and let you have a completely modern room perfect for listening to your favourite tunes.

Don’t get left in the dark

Orangeries fill with light due to their beautiful glazed roofs but once the sun goes down you might need a bit of help. The perimeter ceiling in an orangery is the perfect place to add spotlights. The exceptionally strong roofing system can even hold a chandelier, imagine the sophistication this will bring to your home. You could even add exterior lights to help make those summer evenings outside last even longer.

An orangery with a beautiful view onto some fields - add the finishing touches for your new orangery

Fabulous flooring

Have you considered what type of flooring you want in your new orangery? If you’re planning on using it as a cosy retreat, a soft carpet or shaggy rug will add the comfort factor. A hard floor such as stone or wood is ideal for dining areas as can cope with a lot of use as well as the occasional spillage and scraping of chairs. Underfloor heating will ensure that your new orangery is a perfect place to retreat to in the winter months. A stone floor allows you to coordinate with your outside paving to give a continuous feel between your orangery and garden. This is perfect for adding some outdoor living to your home.

Add a tropical feel all year round

Blinds are a great addition to a new orangery as are attractive as well as functional. Shading you from the strongest of the sun’s rays, they can also let you add some colour to your home. Blinds can be fitted inside your double glazing which means they won’t get tangled and don’t need cleaning. Give your orangery an exotic feel with white blinds that’ll make you feel like you’re in the Caribbean all year round.

Be brave with colour

Large orangery sitting between garden and patio area

A new orangery is the perfect place to experiment with decorating. Let it be the one room where you choose bold colours and themes you weren’t brave enough to in the rest of your home. You’ll make your home feel like new by using a distinct style. If you like the idea of a rustic country orangery, choose heritage colours such as creams and pastels. If you want your orangery to become a garden room, fill it with plants and mirrors to reflect light. An indoor water feature will certainly be an attractive centrepiece to your home. Natural furniture such as bamboo works well in this style.

Let your home and garden blend into one

The doors that connect your orangery to your garden can make a huge difference to how you use it. French doors add a sense of sophistication to your home and Georgian bars can add that authentic feel. Patio doors make an efficient use of your space and let in a lot of light with an easy to use sliding mechanism. Bifolding doors are the most innovative way of moving between your new orangery and garden. They completely open up your space as the door panels all stack on one side.

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