Conservatory Windows: Which glazing is best for a conservatory?

A large rectangular Edwardian conservatory - conservatory windows

A conservatory is almost completely glazed; therefore, the glass you have is very important. The beauty of a conservatory is that you can sit inside and admire your garden or surrounding countryside whatever the weather. Beautiful widespread views and clear skies make a conservatory a room you’ll love to be in.

The perfect all seasons room

The most important consideration for a conservatory is the thermal efficiency of your glazing. In the winter, you need your warmth to be kept in so you can still enjoy being in your conservatory. Our double glazing is A rated which means it’s highly insulating. You don’t need to worry about losing heat through your conservatory windows. In the summer, these windows work in the same way to reflect the sun’s energy so the room doesn’t overheat. You can even have triple glazing if you wish which will greatly improve the thermal efficiency and save you more money. Unwanted sound will also be reduced so if your conservatory is near a busy road this could be the ideal option.

Conservatory windows that add style to your home

Edwardian Conservatory - conservatory windows

How your conservatory looks is incredibly important as it can boost your kerb appeal and give a fresh feel to your home and garden. Do you want your windows to match the rest of your home or do you want them to stand out? We can create your conservatory in uPVC, timber or aluminium, so no matter your home’s style we can help. Do you want top hung or side hung windows? Having windows you can open will let you control air flow around your conservatory; perfect for the summer months. All of our conservatory frames are available in a wide range of colours to let you brighten up your space.

Glazing that protects your home

Security is important wherever your windows are but as a conservatory is on the ground floor it’s even more vital. Both our conservatory windows and doors have efficient and secure locking mechanisms to keep your home and family safe. The extra pane of glass in double glazing gives you another layer of protection to deter intrusion. You can rest assured that your conservatory is as secure as the rest of your home.

The finishing touch that makes a difference

Conservatory roof replacement for a victorian conservatory - conservatory windows

As well as windows, your conservatory roof should also be a priority. The roof is the most important part of any structure. An inefficient one can leave a conservatory abandoned once extreme temperatures arrive. Choose from modern polycarbonate, glass or even a tiled roof. Our glass roofs give you crystal clear views and are even self-cleaning. No arduous maintaining is needed to keep our glass roofs staying in tiptop condition.

Beautiful conservatories that will enhance your home

Our conservatory range offers you a wide choice of glazed extensions that can transform your home. In uPVC, timber or aluminium, you can create a new dining room, a home office or even a child’s playroom. The possibilities are endless. With the right glazing, you can create a room that you’ll never want to leave. Get in touch today to find the perfect conservatory glazing for your home.