Which conservatory style will suit your home?

Victorian Conservatory

Victorian Conservatory

England alone is home to over 20 million individual properties, of different styles, shapes and ages. With this in mind, it is clear to see why modern conservatory designs vary hugely – it ensures that there is something to suit all homes.

Most conservatory designs are suitable for all homes, but there may be specifics that are more appropriate for particular house sizes or characters – or even for your personal taste.

Below we have put together a comprehensive summary of which conservatory styles may be best suited to priorities and property style – the list is by no means finite, but gives a good starting point if you are thinking about home improvements.

Priority: floor space

If you want to maximise the amount of floor space in your new glazed extension, then Regency, Edwardian or Gull Wing conservatory styles are ideal. Based on a rectangular design, they don’t have curved edges that take up space.

Gull Wing Conservatory

Gull Wing Conservatory

For homes with a high wall, a Half Gull Wing conservatory can be built along the side of the high wall – meaning you can benefit from much more light and space.

If you have little exterior room to play with however, and still want to benefit from an additional living space, a Victorian conservatory may be more viable – thanks to its rounded end wall, the building won’t eat in to as much outdoor space.

Priority: traditional aesthetics

If you want your conservatory to boast a touch of elegance, then traditional styles are best. Opt for a Victorian conservatory, a design that combines historic detailing with modern performance. You can enhance the authenticity of a Victorian conservatory with ornate crestings and mouldings – perfect for that finishing touch.

To combine tradition with stronger lines and a sense of grandeur, an Edwardian or Regency conservatory are great alternatives to a Victorian. These styles boast a clean rectangular shape which maximises floor space and the influx of natural light (which is particularly enhanced with a Regency’s bay window).

Regency Conservatory

Regency Conservatory

Priority: contemporary style

If you want a contemporary conservatory that avoids too much fuss, then your taste may suit a Gull Wing conservatory. The bold structure creates a large floor area to enjoy and features unique corner features that face away from the house. These gives a softer look and removes the worry of contending with any bulky features.

Gull Wing conservatories are ideal for homes that want to combine elegance and modern style – they use the distinctive lines of a Victorian roof, with a simpler finish.

Priority: a mixture of style and floor space

To achieve a combination of traditional details, maximised floor space and strong architectural lines, then why not opt for a combination conservatory?

Edwardian Conservatory

Edwardian Conservatory

Combination conservatories mean you don’t have to compromise! Combine the floor space of a Regency conservatory with the roof of a Victorian, or enjoy the strong rectangular shape of a Regency with the softer corner details of a Gull Wing. There are many possibilities that can reflect your own personal taste and the character of your property.

Priority: expert conservatory installers

Whatever you want to achieve from a conservatory, Oakley Green Conservatories are on hand to help. It’s in the name – we are experts in the field, and can advise you about the conservatory style that may be most suitable for your home and taste.

We know how difficult home improvements can be. That is why we work with you throughout every step of the process – from enquiry, through to installation and after care.

So whatever your chosen conservatory style, you will benefit from enhanced space, energy efficiency and style, for years to come. All made possible by our team of dedicated installers.