Conservatory refurbishments: internal cladover vs premium products

Replacement solid roof system for orangeries and conservatories

Do you have a conservatory installed at your home? Is it an old conservatory, perhaps with a polycarbonate roof? Have you found that it struggles to retain heat during the winter and is unbearably hot in summer? Would you like to improve your conservatory and make the most out of your extended living area? If you’re planning to improve your conservatory, it’s important to make the right decision.

What is internal cladover?

When you’re working to a budget, it can be all too easy to go for the cheaper option. Sometimes, this can be a good idea with no negative consequences. When it comes to conservatory refurbishment, however, you really do get what you pay for. If you’ve looked into internal cladover for your conservatory and you’re seriously considering it as an option, ask yourself: how much do you really know about internal cladover?

Internal cladover for an existing conservatory is sold as a way to improve your conservatory’s performance. An internal layer of insulation is added to the existing conservatory roof to try to boost its energy efficiency. Batons are attached to the existing internal bars and the space created is packed with an insulating material. Finally, this is concealed with plasterboard which can be skimmed and painted.

The pitfalls of cladover conservatory refurbishments

Poorly installed and badly planned internal cladover projects can be disastrous. Here are some things to consider when you’re thinking about internal cladover:

  • Weight – Your existing conservatory frame is designed to support a certain amount of weight. Replacing your conservatory roof with a modern alternative is usually fine. Adding to the existing structure with heavy internal cladover (insulation material, batons and plasterboard) can cause the roof to collapse.
  • Fire safety – Internal cladover refurbishments rarely meet the required fire safety standards. To ensure that your conservatory is safe you should always obtain a fire safety certificate for the entire roof system.
  • Structural integrity – In general, internal cladover systems will not achieve Building Regulations approval. This is because their structural integrity is unknown and their thermal value is usually too low.

When badly planned and ill-considered, conservatory roof alterations can end in disaster. Conservatory refurbishments when done professionally, however, can be a valuable and worthwhile asset to your home.

Premium conservatory roof replacements

Replacement glass roof for conservatory

At Oakley Green, we install replacement conservatory roofs across the south of England. We offer our customers both glazed and tiled replacement roofs, both of which have outstanding levels of thermal performance and acoustic insulation. When you want to bring in an abundance of natural light, a fully glazed conservatory roof is the best choice for you. If you’d prefer a more private living area, our tiled roofs are an excellent choice and can feature glass sections to maximise natural light intake.

Home improvements are an investment in your property. At Oakley Green, we want to ensure that your investment adds value to your home and improves your standard of living. If you’d like to find out more about our conservatory refurbishments or any of our products or services call 01635 877 959 or send us a message online.