7 conservatory lighting ideas that will brighten up your home

conservatory lightingWhilst a conservatory allows in plenty of light during the day, it’s a different story once night-time rolls around. The conservatory lighting in use then is up to the owner. So to give you some ideas for lighting your conservatory, we’ve created a short list to consider.

1. Wire lighting

Wire lighting is very good for highlighting areas in your conservatory whilst avoiding glare caused by light hitting the windows. This means they’re the perfect conservatory lighting option for those who enjoy using their conservatory for a bit of stargazing. Able to be fitted to uneven ceilings too, wire lighting is exceptionally versatile.

2. Integrated spotlights

If you’re in the stage of having a conservatory fitted or a roof replaced with a tiled variant, the team at Oakley can incorporate spotlights into your new ceiling. Integrated spotlights are available in adjustable options, allowing you to accentuate the unique characteristics of your conservatory.

3. Recessed wall lights

One particular variation of an integrated spot light is a recessed wall light. And whilst these won’t be suitable for every conservatory, they’ll add exceptional amounts of style and the ideal amount of light. Placing them strategically around the structure will allow you to highlight certain characteristics of your conservatory too. Find a range of recessed wall light ideas here.

4. Table and floor lamps

Replacement solid roof system for orangeries and conservatories

Whilst these can add plenty of style, they’re also perfect for keeping lighting low. This is important for reducing glare off the windows and not distracting eyes from the garden. Table and floor lamps are available in a vast number of styles too, meaning there’s options available to suit almost anyone.

5. Chandeliers

Chandeliers are perfect for creating a stylish focal point in your conservatory. And if you’re using it as a dining area, placing one above the table will ensure a feeling of sophistication radiates around the room. With their modern designs, they won’t distract from external views with overwhelming amounts of light either. For a range of conservatory chandeliers, check out the link here.

6. Dimmer switch

Dimmer switches are simple but effective, allowing you to light your conservatory as little or as much as you’d like. This makes them perfect for setting any kind of ambience.

7. Light-fan combination

A light-fan combination is an interesting conservatory lighting idea, as it offers you dual functionality; the lighting will brighten you conservatory whilst the fan is ideal for cooling you down on scorching days. Installing one that isn’t excessive in size will ensure eyes aren’t drawn away from the prominent features of your conservatory too.

Choosing the right conservatory lighting is important for getting the most out of your conservatory during the evening. It’s just as important as your new window and door choice to maximise the design benefits of your new conservatory. Whilst it’s important to maximise style, care must be taken to ensure the chosen lighting does not affect how you can use your conservatory. Interested in learning more about how to get the most out of your conservatory? Get in touch with us here at Oakley by sending us an online message.