Conservatories, orangeries & extensions will expand your bungalow

Bedroom windows

Bungalows are fantastic homes if you don’t need many bedrooms or find it easier to be on one level. However, you might still find yourself needing more space or want a room to enjoy the sun in. Here are some of the best ways to add more space to your bungalow.

Beautiful spaces that can transform your home

When it comes to conservatories, the gull wing style might be your best option. With a large floor area and the grand roof of the Victorian style, it makes the perfect room for enjoying the sun. Let us create a bespoke conservatory for your bungalow that perfectly suits your vision. Choose from uPVC, aluminium or timber to find the ideal material to suit your home. An orangery is also not out of reach if you live in a bungalow. These can be made to any size you need so won’t dwarf your home. Unlike a conservatory, these have more solid sections as well as vaulted ceilings with the choice of a solid or lantern roof. Add some elegance to your bungalow with a beautiful orangery.

Hidden space that will make you fall in love with your home again

A space you probably haven’t thought of which is full of potential is the garage. Whether it’s detached or integrated into your bungalow, your garage can be converted into a functional space for the whole family to enjoy. From a guest bedroom to a home office, increase your space as well as your home’s value and improve how you use it. The beauty of converting a space you already have is that you don’t use up any of your valuable garden. Usually planning permission also isn’t required. The loft is another option for converting if you have the room and can be the perfect place for an extra bedroom.

Make the most of your family’s favourite room

Kitchen orangery extension conversion with quality kitchen and dining room- expand your bungalow

If you have the space to expand your bungalow, how about a kitchen extension? The kitchen is one of the best loved rooms where more space is often wanted. Increase your worktop space to whip up delicious culinary creations or add in a breakfast bar so the whole family can spend more time together. Roof windows let light flood into your newly extended kitchen. How about a LivinRoof to allow it to blend seamlessly with the rest of your home?

Bring the outside in

If you don’t have any space to convert or expand, why not make more use of your garden with some outdoor living? Let your garden and home merge into one with a set of stunning bifolding doors. By stacking to one side, they don’t take up any of your space and allow you to easily move between your living spaces. By adding more furniture such as garden sofas, pizza ovens and dining tables, garden living can transform your home. Take advantage of those warm summer evenings by enjoying being outside.

Expand your bungalow with minimal effort

A simple way of making your bungalow feel bigger is to make your home open-plan. Knock down any walls that aren’t structurally necessary and watch your space grow before your eyes. You’ll be able to rearrange furniture in a space-saving way and your home will have a more modern feel to it.

Experts in converting and extending your home

Let us here at Oakley Green Conservatories take care of transforming your bungalow into your dream home. From converting garages to adding an orangery or conservatory, we can give you the home of your dreams. Get in touch today to bring out the potential in your bungalow.