Cleaning a conservatory roof WITHOUT overspending on gadgets

Cleaning a conservatory roof will significantly improve a conservatory’s overall look, but it can be expensive. A top of the range steam cleaner is £120 brand new, whilst algae cleaning products can be more than £50; a combined cost of over £170! So, can you inject new life into your conservatory roof without breaking the bank? Here we discuss a number of innovative, low-cost solutions and try to find out.

Destroy the algae (but not your savings!)

Specialist algae killing products can be useful, however they can be pricey. Algae Free, for example, will set you back over £50! Although, it is supposed to reduce the regularity of cleans, cheaper products can still do the same job. One internet user has designed a moss removal method using baking soda which has been slightly adapted for our purpose:

• Step 1: Sprinkle baking soda over your conservatory roof
• Step 2: Even the baking soda out using a brush and leave for a couple of days
• Step 3: Return and scrub off

Baking soda is very cheap and available in almost any supermarket, whilst most of us are likely to have a broom already in the house. If you’re able to apply the baking soda from an upstairs window for full conservatory roof coverage, then this might just be a budget-friendly option available to you.

An ultra-long device comes in at the right price

Cleaning a conservatory roof with baking soda

One commonly recommended technique for cleaning a conservatory roof is to climb a good quality ladder and clean with a telescopic brush and soapy water. Afterwards, the roof should be rinsed with a garden hose or pressure washer. However, if you can find a long enough cleaning device, there isn’t a need to buy a ladder. eBay sell one suitable for under £10, and it appears to have enough reach to clean all the roof. Brush head options are available elsewhere too. Fill a washing up bowl of clean water to use, when you are rinsing the roof. This negates the need to purchase a hose. Use an upstairs window again to ensure you get full coverage. Elbow grease is all else you need with this economical solution.

No need to moan when you make your own

You could save even more money by creating your own extendable cleaning device. One member of the internet community created one using a window cleaning attachment bought from Poundland, giving you an idea of how little it cost. This was then placed onto a decorator’s extending pole and a cleaning solution made from Daz applied to the roof. 2m extending poles are available from The Range for £3.99, meaning you can clean your conservatory roof for less than a fiver! This is provided you have some washing up powder around the house.

Can’t someone else do it?

Paying a window cleaner is an option, however the price for their services will likely vary. A number of people online appear to have found a cleaner for £20, making this a potentially low-cost, hassle-free solution for cleaning a conservatory roof. Be prepared, though, as others have received quotes of up to £100 for someone to do the job. If you already have a window cleaner, it may be worth asking him or her how much it will cost to do the job. You may get a discount as an existing customer.

A top finish for a reasonable cost

Glass cleaning methods that involve soap have been found to leave a film on the window. This film attracts dirt, causing windows to get dirtier more quickly. Conversely, water fed poles can achieve some of the best cleaning results out there when used with purified water. However, a purified water pump is far from cheap. Don’t threat, though. This method of cleaning has become increasingly popular since the 1990s, meaning a window cleaner using this approach is likely to be out there. If you can find one, you’ll be getting a top-quality clean with a minimal amount of effort. Plus, you may not have to break the bank either. Not a bad option for cleaning a conservatory roof, some might say.

All of the sheen but the cost is obscene

Steam cleaners offer a great cleaning solution without the need to use additional chemicals. However, finding a low-cost option can be difficult. Handheld versions are available for less than £20, but they will not give you the length required to reach those tricky areas. This is unless you plan on climbing onto your conservatory roof, which does not come recommended! You may be able to get a second hand one online on eBay or Gumtree. Alternatively, charity shops or cash generator may have one in store. If you get very lucky, someone may be looking to pass one on using Freecycle, a networking site where people give away items for free within their towns.

Alternative cleaning solutions

Cleaning products take on an important role for maximising the quality of a clean. However, specialist cleaning products are not that cheap. 5L of conservatory cleaner from eBay will cost you £16.99, for example. Soap is a cheap alternative, but the film it leaves affects the finish quality. Therefore, other low-cost alternatives will be better for obtaining a pristine roof. One option is a solution of hot water and vinegar. Found in most households, Vinegar is great at breaking down the film on windows. Here is an inexpensive method for cleaning a conservatory roof using vinegar:

• Mix water, vinegar and a small amount of dishwashing detergent in a washing up bowl
• Wet an extendable brush or squeegee in the solution
• Apply over your roof
• Leave for a couple of minutes (if dirt levels are high)
• Scrub off the solution and rinse roof with clean water

A guide to cleaning with a vinegar solution is available here. You could also try to make a solution using baking soda, vegetable oil and water. As mentioned earlier, baking soda has been found to have moss destroying qualities.

Giving your conservatory a well-needed clean is ideal for brightening its look. Brighten its look but don’t dampen your mood by considering more budget-friendly options. Here at Oakley, we’re passionate about customer and product care. Get in touch with us today. Our experts will be happy to discuss any maintenance related queries and more.