Can you use an orangery all year round?

Originally designed as a fashionable area to store fruit trees during the harsh winter months, orangeries have become popular additions to homes across the UK. A well-designed orangery can flood your home with natural light, increase space, merge your garden, and house, and increase your home’s market value.

What is an orangery?

Orangeries offer homeowners a stylish way to extend their homes. A grand and solid structure, an orangery bridges the gap between a traditional extension and a conservatory. They became popular in the 17th century and are inspired by renaissance architecture, though thanks to innovative glazing technology, can be designed to look as modern and sleek as you please.

Historically, some orangeries suffered from problems with becoming too hot in the summer and too cold during the winter. Thanks to modern advancements in technology, today’s orangeries regulate solar heat to create an ambient temperature all year round.

At Oakley Green, all our orangeries achieve outstanding levels of thermal performance and can function just like any other room in your home but with the added benefit of admitting an abundance of natural light. If, however, you want to further enhance your orangery, you could consider the following ideas.


Whether you’re in the design process or looking to restructure your orangery, consider adding underfloor heating, radiators, or electric heaters to keep it cosy in winter. Much of the heat is lost through the roof. Ensure that your orangery roof is well-insulated as well as having an openable glass pane for ventilation. If your orangery is old and shoddy, perhaps you need to replace it entirely with a more thermally efficient model.


Thermally efficient material works both ways, so tending to roof issues will make your orangery cooler in summer too. Ensure that the room has enough ventilation as well as blinds to minimise the effect of intense heat. If your orangery is still too hot during summer, air conditioning might be the best solution.

A luxury orangery installation leading onto patio and garden

Spring and Autumn

As milder and often more unpredictable seasons, spring and autumn may require you to use air conditioning, heating, or both. Being prepared for the extremes will ensure that your orangery can handle any weather in between. With all bases covered, you may enjoy your orangery all year round.

Can you put a kitchen in an orangery?

Orangeries are extremely versatile and spacious extensions. They can be used as a kitchen, living room, gym, home office, or playroom. However, due to the fact we tend to spend most of our time in the kitchen or dining area, an orangery kitchen-diner is an ideal way to extend your space. With beautiful views of the garden, it will create a perfect space to entertain, spend time with family, and relax.

What is the difference between a conservatory and an orangery?

Over the years the difference between a conservatory and an orangey has become less apparent. It can be hard for homeowners when researching to know which extension they want to build. Traditionally orangeries were grand brick structures made to grow orange trees. The strength of the brick sheltered the oranges, yet large expanses of glass ensured the sun’s warmth nurtured the plants. Today, orangeries can incorporate more glass and replicate a conservatory. However, they tend to have more solidity in the roof with the use of a lantern and a flat roof, whereas conservatories tend to have high pitched, glass roofs, though today you are not limited to one singular roof option! Find out more about the difference here. 

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