Can you put a woodburner in a conservatory?

woodburnerWoodburners are a great way to heat your home. Providing you with a stylish focal point, they offer warmth in an environmentally friendly and energy efficient way. But can you put woodburners in conservatories? The short answer is yes. However, there are Building Regulations amongst other things to consider. So read on, as we go through them in this short guide.

Placing your woodburner

Woodburners in conservatories need to be fitted with a chimney that uses a twin wall flue. Building Regulations state that one has to be used if a chimney passes through the wall or ceiling of a building. This is done to prevent fire damage occurring to structure. The chimney affects where the wood burner can be placed, leaving you with two location choices:

  • Attached to the main building: a chimney placed here will receive plenty of support, as it can be clipped to the structure. However, it will have to be high enough to go up past your gutters so it can reach free air.
  • Away from the main building: if unattached to the main building, the woodburner will need to be at least 2.3m away from it. However, the chimney will only need to be a metre above the height of the conservatory.

What must you place it on?

Woodburning stoves are required to be kept on a non-flammable hearth which is at least 50mm thick. This will prevent any damage occurring to your conservatory floor. Tile or stone are good for hearths and add a nice decorative touch. Stoves that are loaded via a front door must have a hearth that extends at least 300mm in front of it too.

What size will I require?

The larger the conservatory, the higher the output of wood burner you’ll need to adequately heat it. However, you can work out the size you’ll need by calculating the volume of the room and dividing by 14. So (length x width x height) ÷ 14 = required stove KW output. Bear in mind that stoves rated over 5kw are required by Building Regulations to put a ventilation brick in the wall.

Deciding who should fit it

You can fit one yourself, however you will have to follow building control procedures. Otherwise you can employ a HETAS registered installer. Find one in your local area by following the link here.

Conservation and smoke control areas

If you’re living in a conservation area or your conservatory is at the front of the property, planning permission will be required to fit a wood burner. And for smoke control areas, a DEFRA smoke exempt stove will have to be installed.

Woodburners in conservatories are a fantastic way to provide heat, especially if a conservatory is too cold in the winter. If warmth is the problem, however, a conservatory roof replacement is another option. A replacement roof can moderate your conservatory’s temperature throughout the year. For more information on ways to heat your conservatory, contact the team at Oakley today.