Can Victorian conservatories suit any period home?

white victorian conservatory

Despite Victorian conservatories being one of the most popular styles available, in the past, owners of properties from different periods have had doubts over whether a Victorian conservatory was suitable for their home. However, thanks to modern innovations, Victorian conservatories are extremely flexible, and subtle nuances can be added to allow them to suit any period home, including those pre and post Victorian era!

Period homes with timber frames

Tudor period properties contain timber framings, whilst mock versions are found upon 1930s style, semi-detached properties, and new builds from the 1990s, both of which are extremely common house styles. Fortunately, the framing for Victorian conservatories is available in modern uPVC, aluminium, and traditional timber materials, meaning they can effortlessly blend in with the timber framings found upon these period homes.

Modernist properties

Modernist architecture is becoming popular once more. This style of home tends to prioritise sunlight and energy efficiency and contain a lot of glass. Victorian conservatories have over 75% of the roof glazed, whilst modern construction materials, specifically uPVC frames and double-glazed Insulated Glass Units, are renowned for their insulating qualities. Aluminium conservatories can incorporate larger panes of glass too, making them an alternative, yet suitable, choice for modernist properties.

Edwardian style homes

Edwardian style properties tend to have a lot in common with houses from the 1920s and 30s, although they are, generally, taller, and thinner. Mock timber framing still features regularly, meaning a timber frame Victorian conservatory would make a good match. Edwardian style properties share other features with Victorian properties, including elaborate designs, steep roofs, coped gables, and carved kneelers. As there is considerable parity between the two styles, Victorian conservatories can effortlessly lend themselves to this style of home.

Other ‘classical’ period properties

When estate agents refer to homes from the ‘classical’ period they are referring to those from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods. Whilst there are differences amongst the three styles, there are similarities too. For instance, Georgian and Victorian homes both contain deep bay sash windows, and often have exposed brickwork. Due to the similarities amongst the three styles, you will have no problem finding a Victorian conservatory to match your property.

Modern materials allow for seamless blending

The brickwork of modern Victorian conservatories can be matched to most properties, regardless of period, helping to ensure their suitability to all homes. uPVC framing is both highly insulating and available in a vast array of colour options, allowing homeowners to blend their new Victorian conservatory in with their current window framing too.

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