Can I put a lantern roof on a conservatory?

Livin Room orangery with stunning decor- glass extensionLantern roofs, or roof lanterns as some may call them, make for an eye-catching, energy-efficient and elegant addition to any home. They sound brilliant, don’t they? But can you put a lantern roof on a conservatory?

In short, yes – you can put one on a conservatory. And who wouldn’t? They dramatically increase the height of any room to create a high glass-ceilinged effect and are a thing of architectural beauty.

However, for those of you who live in a coastal area, or if you’re more exposed to extreme weather conditions then we would perhaps suggest opting for a conservatory tiled roof instead.

Where can I put a lantern roof?

Let us ask you – where would you like to introduce more natural light into your home? Did you answer the kitchen or conservatory? Great choice, it is a popular option with many of our customers too!

Although a lantern roof can be installed on any applicable part of your home, they tend to be more commonly found on a kitchen or conservatory as these rooms are at the centre of any home and where families spend most of their time. Imagine your kitchen or conservatory with a lantern roof. It would look beautiful, wouldn’t it?!

Why would I install a lantern roof on my conservatory

An orangery installation at one of our showrooms - roof lanternInstalling a lantern roof on your conservatory boasts many benefits such as boosting your home’s resale value and increasing the room’s height, making it feel more spacious and open plan, through to being energy-efficient which will help reduce your heating bills down.

In addition to a kitchen or conservatory, our lantern roofs look perfect on a new extension conversion too!

Regardless of where you decide to have your lantern roof, however, usually you shouldn’t need planning permission to re-roof part of your home – our ‘7 truths about lantern roofs’ covers the myths about lantern roofs. However, it is always advisable to get in contact with your local planning authority to make sure your home improvement ideas are possible.

Are lantern roofs a good idea?

Absolutely! With a range of sizes from 1×1.5m to 2x4m, there is a suitable lantern roof for every home.

With a style that is designed to suit your needs and home’s aesthetics, lantern roofs are a thing of architectural beauty, creating natural flow between the different areas of your home whilst creating the ‘wow-factor’.

Get in touch today and let us provide a tailored solution to suit your needs.

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