Mix it up with a Bespoke Conservatory

A large white uPVC conservatory with bespoke layout
Want to add a tailor-made extension to your home? Make it a glazed one with Oakley!

In addition to offering a range of conservatory designs, including Victorian, Edwardian and Gull Wing, we can work directly with you to create your bespoke style.

What is a bespoke conservatory?

Otherwise meaning “made to order”, a bespoke conservatory from Oakley is one that combines various style features from our other options. This means that you can pick and choose the various features that suit your taste the most effectively.

This could be the traditional aspects of a Victorian with the large floor space of an Edwardian. The options are endless!

What do modern conservatories offer?

Other than effortless style, a modern conservatory, whether bespoke or another design, can offer a versatile new living space.

It will remain warm in Winter and comfortable in Summer – the ideal combination for a year-round space, and one that your whole family can enjoy.

Why choose Oakley?

It’s all in the name – we are a home improvement company that you can rely on. With many years of experience, we know just what it takes to install the ideal living spaces for family homes.

Whether your priorities are relaxing or entertaining, a conservatory from Oakley can cater for your every need. If you need a little inspiration, why not visit one of our home improvement showrooms today?