8 reasons to visit our conservatory showroom in Bristol

conservatory showroom in Bristol

If you’re planning your next home improvement, visiting a showroom is vital. Here are eight reasons why you need to come and see us in our conservatory showroom in Bristol.

Find the style and size for you

Are you unsure what type of conservatory you want? From the traditional Victorian design to an elegant Regency conservatory, seeing them up close will help you better deice what would suit your home.

Talk to the experts

Our friendly and helpful team are always on hand to address any of your concerns and answer any of your questions. From the thermal performance to how long they will take to build, we’re happy to help.

Walk through a real conservatory

Actually seeing a conservatory up close instead of just an image online or in a brochure will allow you to actually visualise how you will use it.

Find some inspiration

If you’re lacking ideas, visiting a showroom could give you some inspiration or even show you something you haven’t thought about before. Have you considered a luxurious orangery as an alternative to a conservatory?

Have a design consultation

When you visit us, you can sit down with one of our designers and go through your ideas. We are conservatory specialists so have a lot of experience with all types, materials and homes. You can be as involved in the design process as you want and we can even create a mock-up drawing beforehand so you can see your ideas come to life.

Find the windows and doors to match

A conservatory is nothing without the right windows and doors to match. Our showroom is full of examples of our home improvement range so have a browse and find the perfect bifolding doors or energy efficient windows to complement for conservatory.

Choose your ideal colours and materials

Do you know what colour you want your conservatory to be? How about a charming woodgrain finish to add a heritage feel to your home? Do you want your new conservatory to blend in with your home or stand out and make a statement? How about the material? uPVC is the classic choice but we can create a conservatory for you with timber or aluminium too.

Grab a coffee

Our Bristol showroom is part of a garden centre where there’s also a café. Grab a bite to eat or a coffee and relax while you contemplate your dream home improvement. You can even make a day of it by visiting the home and garden outlets here. Get in touch with us today to make an appointment at our conservatory showroom in Bristol or for any more information.