Modern conservatories: 7 ways to create a stylish space

Internal shot of an orangery with chic style-modern-conservatory

Conservatories and orangeries are fantastic ways to add some more space to your home. A conservatory is a versatile and efficient way to increase your space with a fully glazed and bespoke structure. An orangery combines this with a solid extension to give a homely feel that doesn’t feel separate from the rest of your property. With either a glazed or solid roof and a vaulted ceiling they can be a stunning addition. They can completely change how you use your home and your family will benefit from the extra space and possibilities. Here are some tips to add some style to your modern conservatories or orangeries.

What can it bring to your home?

The most important thing to consider when adding an extension to your home is settling on its main use. Do you want it to become an extension of your current living space or an elegant dining area? Define it and this will help lend itself to the furnishing and decorating you then do. Don’t be tempted to use it as a storage area with no purpose, unless of course you really want to.

Go with the flow

Unless you have a really out there idea for your conservatory, treat it like any other room. Let it flow seamlessly with the rest of your rooms and it will feel like it has always been there. Use the same colour scheme if this is what you want to achieve. Or you could completely contrast and be bold and bright with your décor.

Discover your home’s potential

Open-plan living is the perfect way to add an ultra-modern feel to your home. Instead of having a separate structure, remove the external wall and create a beautiful kitchen/diner. Impress when entertaining as well as at every meal. Allow the room to bask in natural light which will make it instantly feel more welcoming and relaxed. If you would still like to create a divide sometimes, screens are a great non-permanent and attractive solution.

Let your personality show

Do you have a particular theme you are trying to replicate? Maybe you’ve always wanted to add some tradition to your home. Fill your conservatory with flowers to recreate an English country garden and add some antique furniture for a rustic feel. However, if you want to bring some of the tropics to your home, bamboo furniture and tropical plants can make you feel like the sun is shining every day. Sun loving plants will be easy to look after in a conservatory and can be a great way to introduce some colour too. If your conservatory is lucky enough to be a suntrap, consider adding some blinds to give your furniture and décor some extra protection from the sun.

Replacement polycarbonate roofing system for modern conservatories

Bring the outside in

A popular trend right now is to blend indoor and outdoor living. Your new conservatory or orangery can add to this. With bifolding doors you can open up a wealth of possibilities and introduce alfresco dining to your kitchen/diner. Surrounding your extension with decking and adding some outdoor living furniture will allow you to make the most of your garden. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, you have your stylish modern conservatory to retreat to. Garden parties will take on a new lease of life with extra space for guests to enjoy, whatever the season.

Keep it natural

Wooden or laminate flooring is a great way to give your conservatory a natural look. Rugs and rattan furniture can create a cosy atmosphere. Your new conservatory is your chance to create a modern space that is the highlight of your home. Wow your guests with your design skills and make your new modern extension say something about you and your family.

A room for the future

If you really want your conservatory to bring your home into the 21st century, how about the ultra-modern minimalist look? Add a new twist to your home with the idea of less being more. With just the necessary items of furniture such as a table and chairs and a few plants for a pop of colour, you can freshen up your home.

The specialists for your modern conservatories

If you like the look of any of these ideas, here at Oakley Green Conservatories we can help. We can install a whole range of stunning modern conservatories and orangeries to transform your home. Get in touch today to find what will work best for you.