7 stunning conservatory installations to inspire you!

Treat your home to some much appreciated extra living space

In today’s modern world of hustle and bustle, you simply cannot put a price on the ability to relax in the comfort and safety of your own home. That’s why at Oakley Green Conservatories, we’re committed to providing budding home designers throughout the South of England with the perfect means to do so, through our beautiful range of luxury conservatory designs.

With so many conservatory variations and choices on offer, at Oakley we understand that it can sometimes be intimidating to make a selection. However, you can never have too much of a good thing – so we’ve put together 7 stunning conservatory installations to help inspire you on your home improvement journey!

1. Gull-wing conservatory

A more contemporary alternative to the traditional sun lounge extension style, this gull-wing conservatory offers a new twist on a classic style for the home which makes the most of each of the space’s corners. Gull-wing conservatories excel at making the most of space whilst adding a softer visual style.

An internal photo of one of our gull-wing conservatory

2. Regency conservatory

An effective design that makes for an elegant addition to any style of home, this regency conservatory successfully blends high performance glazing with a bespoke brick foundation to seamlessly link to the main property. The best of both worlds!

Regency conservatory leading onto patio

3. Victorian conservatory (Oak)

This Oak coloured Victorian conservatory truly evokes a sense of tradition whilst being able to deliver 21st century energy efficiency also. Working well in tandem with the brick base, the structure still allows for plenty of natural light entry and glorious outside views.

Victorian Conservatory

4. Edwardian conservatory

This large rectangular Edwardian conservatory in white boasts many ornate flourishes on the roof to capitalise on the traditional design, melding seamlessly with a brick base for stability and style. Complete with a set of high performance French doors which feature clean lines, these homeowners will always be tempted into their garden.

A large Edwardian conservatory in white

5. Combination conservatory

This bespoke combination conservatory allows for the property to benefit from two more distinct rooms in the household. Constructed using a mixture of brickwork and efficient glazing to form two structures with both a glazed and tiled roof, each section evokes a different atmosphere.

Combination conservatory with brick base

6. Double conservatory (Brown)

Properties lucky enough to be blessed with a large amount of outside space have the ability to enjoy a beautiful double conservatory structure, like this one here in Brown. More often than not with a conservatory planning permission isn’t required, being much more affordable than a traditional extension in the long run.

Brown double conservatory

7. Grand combination conservatory

This white uPVC grand combination conservatory was constructed to a T-shape design, creating not one, not two, but three distinct living space for this home. Each angle will be spoilt with natural light, creating a relaxing atmosphere wherever they feel comfortable.

A grand combination conservatory in white uPVC

Over 15 years’ experiencing installing conservatories across the South

At Oakley Green, conservatories are what we do best. Having installed thousands of glazed extensions throughout the South of England during our 15 years of service, we have both the technical expertise and products to make your dreams a reality. For any more information, call one of our respective teams or send us a message online.