6 modern design tips to make small spaces look larger

Having a room or conservatory that feels too cramped can be a nuisance, however all you need is some careful planning to maximise space and functionality. Interested in learning how? Read on, as we we’ve got a number of ways for you to make any small room appear larger:

A large kitchen orangery extension conversion1. Small kitchens

Decluttering a kitchen is one of the most important ways to save space. Non-perishables which haven’t been thrown away but are still in the cupboards after 3 years definitely need to go! Try some open or glass shelves and cabinets to help make the kitchen appear larger and utilise clean lines where you can, as they make the room appear less cluttered.

2. Modest dining rooms

For a small dining room, try out a drop leaf table. This will save space when not in use, making the room appear larger. Alternatively, have a banquette installed in the corner of the room. Banquettes take up less room than chairs and storage space can be incorporated within them. Finally, use similar furniture and design characteristics throughout to unify the area and create a seamless appearance.

3. Little bedrooms

Conservatory with modern decor with large glazed area

Firstly, push your bed up against a corner to save space. A bed with plenty of storage space will also reduce the need to buy more storage containers, such as wardrobes or dressers, increasing the amount of room available. Mirrors will create the illusion of a larger space, and if positioned correctly, will reflect natural light around the room. Just be sure to place them up against a wall, to maximise the amount of room.

4. Tiny bathrooms

Hanging a sink or other unit on the wall will allow you to see the floor, maximising the amount of space visually. Another useful trick for creating the illusion of space is to have the flooring and walls tiled the same. Tiered storage units will allow you to store items vertically, reducing their spread around the room. Ideally, choose one with an open design, so you don’t restrict parts of the bathroom from view.

5. Limited living rooms

Using living room furniture that’s raised on legs helps to create a sense of light and space. Purchasing furniture that can function in a number of ways is also a great space saver. Check out this list of multifunctional furniture ideas for an idea of some of the genius products available. If you’re not too concerned with privacy, getting rid of the curtains will make the room feel less enclosed too.

6. A cramped conservatory

For a number of ways to maximise space in a small conservatory, check out our pro design tips here.

General guidance

There are general tips for making smaller spaces appear larger that apply to any room; maximising the amount of light coming in will help any area short of space appear larger. Brightly coloured walls and furniture will do the same.

Interested in learning more about how to maximise space in small areas, get in touch today.