5 reasons to invest in a composite door from Oakley

Entrance door in white

When you’re looking for a new entrance door for your home, what are your main priorities? Do you want it to add style to your home and be visually pleasing? Is your priority a warmer home which is more energy efficient? Do you want the best in home security levels to make your family feel safe and secure? Or do you want your new door to provide all these qualities?

When you want the best in entrance door technology, a composite door from Oakley is definitely for you. With a variety of different styles and colour choices, we’re sure to have the perfect option to suit your home. Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a composite door from Oakley in 2017.

1. Super security levels

Our composite doors are stronger than traditional doors. Their multi-layer construction means that they will withstand even the most sustained break-in attempts. They feature multi-point locking systems for the best in home security technology. You will feel safe in your home and also save money on reduced insurance premiums.

2. Exceptional thermal efficiency

Composite doors can provide thermal efficiency levels up to 6 times more efficient than traditional timber. They consistently achieve U-values of 1.6 and below, lowering the difference between the heat retention of your door and walls. With a composite door from Oakley, your home will better retain its warmth and you will see a significant reduction in your heating bills.

3. Attractive aesthetic

The exterior of our composite doors is finished with a high impact resistant GRP (Glass Re-enforced Plastic) skin. This outer layer comes in a range of colours from bold red and black to softer pastel shades. The finish has an embossed timber grain effect which is so realistic, that it is almost indistinguishable from real timber.

4. Excellent durability

Composite doors generally last almost twice as long as uPVC alternatives. They will never warp, rot, crack, or split and they’ll withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. A composite door will stay looking fresh and new for years to come.

5. Low maintenance

Whereas traditional timber needs regular painting or treating and uPVC will fade over time with the sun’s rays; composite doors are extremely easy to maintain. All they need is the occasional wipe down to keep them looking pristine well into the future.

Choose a composite door from Oakley

At Oakley Green Conservatories, we have over 16 years industry experience. We offer 10 year insurance backed guarantees on all our products and installations, and we always strive for customer satisfaction. If you’d like more information about our range of composite doors contact us today.