5 great ideas for your garage conversion project

Garage Conversion Interior

If you’re looking to increase the space in your home, you could be overlooking an untapped resource. Your garage can be an exceptionally useful space if you regularly do work on your car or have a lot of gardening tools to store. However, many people find that their garage becomes unused or just ends up a storage room for everything from unwanted gifts to broken white goods. When you want to make the most out of your home, a garage conversion is an excellent idea.Garage conversions can create a usable and spacious room, perfect for a family home. So, what could you use a garage conversion for?


Create a dedicated space to relax in away from the main home. This is perfect if you’ve previously only had a lounge/diner. Where the garage door once was, a beautiful bay window could replace it to fill the room with light and give the illusion of more space.

Grown-up space

What about a mancave or shecave? A room away from the hustle and bustle of family life, where there’s no chance of standing on a piece of Lego or having your precious ornaments broken. Have this as a room just for the grown-ups to relax in the evenings. You could keep your games console in there or your favourite books so you have somewhere to retreat to once the children are in bed.


Do the children need their own space? Keep their bedroom tidy by turning your garage into a playroom. It can be full of their favourite toys and help to keep the rest of the house tidy. If you have teenagers, this could be a chill-out area where they can bring friends and have sleepovers.

Guest room

If you often have friends or family to stay, why not create an extra bedroom for those unexpected guests? With insulation, heating and decoration, it can become a functional and usable room all year round. If your garage has a plumbing connection, you could even install an en-suite shower room to create a fully self-contained living space.

Art studio/home office

If you often work from home, this could be the perfect study where you can get on with things. If you enjoy painting or another creative hobby, how about a home art studio? With views through your new windows, you can gain inspiration from the beautiful outdoors.

Garage Conversion Exterior-converting your garage

What about planning permission?

A garage conversion is normally considered permitted development unless you’re in a conservation area. Some new homes also have restrictive clauses which limit what you can alter. Planning permission will be required if you intend to use the garage for business. Building Regulations will need to be complied with to ensure a safe and habitable room.

Are there any other considerations?

Maximising your home’s living space without needing to extend can add considerable value to your property’s market price. You don’t even have to put up with the hassle of building work or encroach on your garden space. However, bear in mind, if your home doesn’t have a lot of off-road parking, the value of your home could decrease, especially in areas where parking space is in high demand. As well as converting the room, electricity and plumbing will need to be installed, so ensure you’re aware of these costs.

Versatile and elegant garage conversions

At Oakley Green, we have all the skills needed to convert your garage into a useable space for your home. However you want to use it, we will work with you to create the perfect living space. Get in touch today to start your next home improvement project and unlock the potential in your home.