3 signs that it’s time to replace your conservatory roof

Replacing your conservatory roof is a very exciting home renovation project. But how are you meant to tell when the time is right to replace your conservatory roof?

Here are some key tell-tale signs that your conservatory roof needs replacing.

Damaged roof tiles on your conservatoryTiled conservatory roof

One of the most obvious tell-tale signs that your conservatory roof needs replacing is that it is made with old polycarbonate or dated glass conservatory roofs. If left alone, these once perhaps small cracks will become bigger, unwanted problems that could be avoided by replacing your conservatory roof.

You are not spending any time in your conservatory

Are you not spending time in your conservatory because the temperature fluctuates? If your conservatory is either cold, or too warm, or you are encountering condensation issues then these are sure signs it is time to improve your current conservatory roof and replace it with a new one. And ultimately, transform your living space to one that you love and want to spend time in.

Your conservatory roof is sagging

Have you noticed your conservatory roof sagging or falling in? A sagging roof could indicate serious structural problems and could happen due to poor quality roofing materials, improper installation, moisture leaks, or deterioration due to age. Sure signs that your conservatory roof needs replacing.

Which conservatory roof is best for my home?

Regency conservatory leading onto patio

We often get asked which conservatory roof is best for your home? The answer is that no conservatory roof type is superior to the other. We tend to find that a lot of our customers who have low-pitched roofs like bungalows tend to go for the practical Lean-to conservatory or other customers opt for the ever-popular Victorian-style conservatory, whichever your choice, we are sure to have a conservatory style for you.

Regardless of what conservatory type you choose; it is a simple process and one that can be carried out by our team of experts here at Oakley Green. Have a look at our gallery for inspiration for your conservatory.

Replacement conservatory roofs across Bristol, Reading and Berkshire

A replacement conservatory roof – whether tiled or glass – can enhance your existing conservatory, enhance the amount of natural light that enters your living space, and can even enhance thermal insulation.

Regardless of the type of conservatory roof that you opt for, you will benefit from a space you can live in comfortably all year round 365 days a year.

We are currently offering our customers up to 25% off solid conservatory roofs (excluding building work) so buy yours today!

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