25 questions you need to answer before extending your home

An orangery in a beautiful garden

When thinking about extending your home, you have to make sure you are completely clued up on everything you need to know. Here are 25 questions you need to answer or have answered before you start any extensions.

What are you planning on using your home extension for?

Do you have a specific room in mind or just extra living space for your growing family?

Do you have a rough budget in mind?

Make sure you know how much you can afford before getting ahead of yourself. Beware there can be significant differences between an estimate and quote after everything has been considered.

How big do you want it to be?

Have you thought about how much room you want or what furniture you want to be able to fit in there?

Do you have enough space?

Have you considered how much garden or surrounding land you will lose with an extension?

Will the room need electricity and plumbing?

An external view of a new kitchen conversion-extending your home

This will need to be considered and installed properly and will require more time, money and possibly permission.

Do you have a design in mind?

Have you seen examples of home extensions that you like? Ask to see case studies from any company you contact.

What sort of roof do you want?

Glass or tiled? Do you know the benefits of them both?

Do you want your extension to be environmentally friendly?

Have you thought about choosing sustainable materials that improve your energy efficiency?

Do you need planning permission?

If not you will still need to have building regulation approval. This sets out the minimum requirements for ventilation, structural integrity and energy efficiency. For the low-down on retrospective planning permission, check out our handy guide.

Will your extension affect your neighbours?

Make sure you keep in mind the ‘right to light’ law. This prevents you from blocking your neighbour’s windows if this will reduce the amount of light in their home.

Have you considered how you will keep your extension airy, light and at the optimum temperature all year round?

Would you like a lantern roof to flood your room with light? Efficient glazing will help keep a perfect temperature whatever the weather.

extending your home

What type of windows and doors do you want?

uPVC, aluminium or timber? How about bifolding doors to create an open-plan feel with your garden?

Do you have site insurance?

Your house insurance may not cover you when you change the structure of your building. It’s always best to check.

Will your extension add value to your home?

You want to make sure that extending your home is a good investment for you, especially if you intend to sell in the future. Discuss with a local estate agent to ensure you don’t extend your home above your street’s ceiling price.

Would it be better for you to have a conservatory or orangery instead?

If this is not your ‘forever home’, you might want to consider a cheaper alternative.

Are you making the most of your current space?

Before extending, have you made sure you don’t have any other usable space that you’re not making the most of? Could you have a garage conversion?

Blend in or make a statement?

Do you want it to become a natural part of your home that flows with the rest or a part that stands out?

Would you like your extension to be open-plan?

Could you knock down internal walls to incorporate an open-plan feel with your extension?

Do you live in a conservation area or listed building?

Are you aware of the stipulations you need to follow? There will be limits to what you’re allowed to do so make sure you contact your local authority before planning.

Large orangery sitting between garden and patio area

How long will it take to build?

Are you happy with the disruption it could cause your family life?

Is it big enough to live in?

There are recommended minimum sizes for certain rooms so try not to go below these. A single bedroom shouldn’t go below 6.5 – 8.4m2 and a dining room should be no smaller than 9.5m2.

Will you be required to move out?

While the building is taking place will you want to stay living there or will it be unsafe to do so?

Do you have plans for the interior?

Have you thought of a colour scheme or how you would like to decorate your new extension?

Who can I trust to build my perfect home extension?

Ensure you choose a reliable company; here at Oakley Green we always put our customers first.

How much will it cost?

This completely depends on your answers to all these questions and exactly how you want your home extension to be. Get in touch today to discuss your plans and get a personalised quote.