11 tips that will make your conservatory project a success

An oak coloured uPVC combination conservatory

A conservatory can be a wonderful addition to your home but it’s important to get it right. From which style to choose to its position, here is the best advice to make your conservatory become your favourite room.

1. Decide how you will use your new conservatory

Do you want it to become a dining area or a place to relax in the sun? Deciding on its use will lend itself to the style of conservatory. The Edwardian design makes the most of your floorspace so is perfect for a dining room. However, if you want to create different zones, consider a combination conservatory. Blend two different styles together to make your dream room. The style will also depend on your home. If you have a traditional property, a Regency design could keep a sense of authenticity.

2. Where will it go?

If you have a large home, you might be able to choose which room you want your conservatory attached to. If you’re not much of a sunbather, having a south facing conservatory might not be the best choice for you. Also, if you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful garden or panoramic views, position your conservatory so it makes the most of these.

3. How big do you want your conservatory?

You need to strike the right balance between having a room that’s big enough for what you want to use it for but that won’t dwarf the rest of your home.

4. What materials do you want it to be made from?

Regency conservatory project internal decor

Here at Oakley Green Conservatories, we offer the choice of uPVC, timber and aluminium for your conservatory frames. All offer superb thermal insulation, weatherproofing and durability. Whether you want the authentic appearance of timber, the resilience of uPVC or the ultramodern look of aluminium, we can help.

5. How much glazing do you want?

Do you want your conservatory to be completely glazed or would you rather have some more solid sections? An orangery is a great alternative to a conservatory and gives that extra feel of permanence.

6. Don’t forget about the roof

The roof is the most important part of any building. With a conservatory you have two options, glazed or tiled. A glass roof lets light flood in without overheating or letting warmth escape. A tiled or solid roof makes your conservatory feel like a natural extension of your home offering improved thermal and sound insulation. It also allows you to retain your privacy if you’re overlooked by neighbours.

7. Make it your own

Any of our conservatories come in a wide range of colours including wood effect finishes. Blend in with your windows or choose a colour to make your conservatory impress. There are so many finishing touches you can add to personalise your conservatory. If you choose a tiled roof you could have downlights installed into the ceiling. How about internal blinds to keep you shaded?

8. Is adding value important?

If you see your conservatory as an investment for the future when you decide to sell, make sure to talk to a local estate agent. You don’t put in more than you will get back or go over your street’s ceiling value.

A large white uPVC conservatory with bespoke layout

9. Stick to your budget

This is one of the most important pieces of advice. Work out how much you can afford to spend and don’t go over budget. Find an accurate quote so you know what you’re paying upfront. Here at Oakley Green Conservatories our pricing policy is transparent and fair.

10. Bring the outside in

Conservatories are a great way to introduce outdoor living to your home. Install bifolding doors and let your conservatory flow into your garden. You can create an open-plan feel between your inside and outside living spaces and even have an outdoor dining area.

11. Choose a reputable and trustworthy company

It can be difficult knowing who to go to for your home improvements. We have years of experience satisfying customers with our friendly and reliable service. Contact Oakley Green Conservatories today; the clue’s in the name. Conservatories are our speciality so let us turn your conservatory project into a reality.