As our name suggests, Oakley Green Conservatories began in the conservatory installation business. 20 years later, we’ve built up a wealth of expertise on everything from design and manufacture to fitting and installation.

We have so much confidence in the quality of our products that we offer a 10-year guarantee across our range. We also offer aftercare services at no cost to you – we want to share our expertise with you in any way possible, and to ensure you can make the most of your new living space.

Conservatory Styles

Victorian Conservatories

Our most popular glazed extension choice can add a touch of elegance to any property.

Victorian conservatory in white with brick base

Regency Conservatories

This heritage style features a bay window, steeply-pitched roof and ornate detailing.

Regency conservatory with gable front

Gull Wing Conservatories

An innovative take on a Garden Room, this boasts a large floor area and Victorian roof.

Gull wing conservatory in white

Edwardian Conservatories

Gain enhanced floor space and grandeur with the regency’s symmetrical rectangle design

Edwardian conservatory in oak effect

Combination Conservatories

Design a bespoke space tailor made to the needs of you and your family.

Bespoke combination conservatory

A range of conservatories for versatile, modern family living

Our range of conservatories all boast clean lines and elegant designs as well as great thermal insulation. Depending on the glazing and material options you choose, it’s perfectly possible to have conservatory that stays warm and cosy throughout the winter.

Choose from a bespoke combination conservatory, or from one of our more familiar designs (Regency, Edwardian, Victorian or Gullwing). Each is available in Aluminium, Upvc, or timber framing, and is constructed using the latest materials, techniques and technologies. However, each material has its own set of unique benefits.

uPVC conservatories

uPVC has significantly improved in the last few decades: the frames offer thermal insulation and slimmer sightlines. That means more room for glass, and a maximised influx of natural light.

Aluminium conservatories

Naturally strong, aluminium can hold large panes of glass, making it ideal for triple glazing. Aluminium frames are also weather resistant and unlikely to rust or buckle; they’re perfect for those who want to rid themselves of maintenance hassle.

Timber conservatories

You can’t beat the authentic look of wood for a conservatory. Choose timber to match the aesthetics of your property and to maintain the ‘country life’ ideal. Timber is naturally insulating too, so you can enjoy a well-heated home.

We work with you to create bespoke conservatories

We know that you want your conservatory to be a bespoke addition to your home, and not a home improvement that everyone else in the local area has! That is why our dedicated team of designers, surveyors and fitters will work with you throughout the installation process to produce a bespoke feature that is unique to you.

We make life easier for you too – in addition to a diverse range of materials and designs, we also offer flooring and furnishings to complement your new space. This removes the hassle of having to shop around, with every design feature available under one roof.

Whether you want to reflect your personality, match your new living space to the character and configurations of your house, or create a centrepiece to show off to friends, no requirement is too much trouble for Oakley Green. Get in touch with us today for no-obligation advice, a quote or a design consultation.

How can you benefit from an Oakley home improvement?

  • Style – slim sightlines, maximised glass space and clean aesthetics
  • Energy efficiency – multi-chamber profiles lock in heat
  • Durability – frames and profiles are robust and last for years
  • High-performance glazing – looks good and insulates sound and heat
  • Security – strong frames, quality glazing and efficient locking mechanisms

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